You can’t peanut butter it in her ass!

Last night my basketball team had its championship game.   It was a physical game with a lot of people going to the floor.    The game is suppose to be a timed game but there is no league official in the building.   We were down 1 point late, I remember hearing the other team call out two minutes left, then they dribbled the ball around for a bit playing keepaway before turning it over.   We quickly went back down and our best player hit a fade-away jumper with two guys jumping at him.   As the ball went through the net, the girl from the other side said “Doesn’t count, time’s up, we won.”    All hell broke loose with arguing.   That wasn’t the way to end the game for a variety of reasons.    The girl claimed she shouted out that the game was over before the shot but from what we saw, she didn’t say anything and her team was still on the floor defending their butts off.    Also, you don’t end the game on a turnover.   With no league official there, the game should end with a made basket, that is how we did it in the past and it works.    In the end, we believe the game should have gone to overtime but the other team seemed to chicken to do it.

Went to a social league function after the game last night.    Our captain talked to a league official and they agreed that was no way to end a game.   We were deemed co-champions.    Don’t really want to share the honour with this other team but it is better than the latter.     Plus I got a T-shirt that says “Champs” on it.

2 Responses to “You can’t peanut butter it in her ass!”

  1. whatigotsofar Says:

    I feel a bit ripped off. I was expecting a post about you getting some butt-lovin, but no. Another post about your overly competitive rec leagues.

  2. Bob Says:

    The title to this post is the punchline to yesterday’s joke.

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