Movie Marathon Choices

I have started the list. The list of movies I want to bring forward for the movie marathon. But I am having trouble deciding what kind of movies to pick out. Do I pick out more comedies or dramas? Do I pick out movies I have not seen and risk them sucking or do I pick out ones that I have enjoyed in the past? One movie I know I am going to try and bring to the marathon is the Elijah Wood movie that I saw earlier this year. It was a good one that I would like to see again. Just can’t remember the name right now. Do you have any ideas? What kind of movies are you bringing?

One Response to “Movie Marathon Choices”

  1. whatigotsofar Says:

    I’m bringing movies that are super duper awesome. So great, that if you don’t like them, then you super duper suck.

    Also, movies that I’ve never seen before but would like to see.

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