The Knights season has begun

On monday night, the Knights season began.   We had some old faces and some new faces.    And we also had a new outcome, we weon our first game of the season.   We haven’t won our season opener in years.    This was a pleasant surprise since we had two players miss the game including Kitty and Tiny.    Our rivals, the Roughriders also lost on monday, we haven’t been ahead of them in the standings in a couple of years… actually with our slow starts, I am unsure if we ever have been.  

I had a good night with the bat, the first pitch I saw looked like a gift, right in my sweet spot and I got a double out of it.    We had a couple of players clobber the shit out of the ball for home runs (these were beatiful ones, if we had a fence in our league these would have gone over them and we would have had time to stand and admire them instead of telling them to start running.  

Also the 3-pitch team that I play with, I missed their game last night but sent somebody to play for me and they are now 2-0.    My friday night men’s league doesn’t starting for another 9 days.

2 Responses to “The Knights season has begun”

  1. whatigotsofar Says:

    Lemme guess, Kitty’s the first baseman, right?

  2. Bob Says:

    Actually the third baseman. Kitty has been their nickname for years. “Tiny”… well that one I just made up and NO, it isn’t the 1st baseman.

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