Jeff Goldblum replaces Logan

My Dad told me last week that L&O: Criminal Intetn was starting up.   I usually only watch the Logan episodes.    How shocked was I when I tried to watch an even episode and there was no Mike Logan but instead Jeff Goldblum?   I felt betrayed but I do like Goldblum so I decided to give him a chance.    I have to say, I am un-impressed.   He is playing an overly weird detective (every cop show has at least one) but the problem isn’t that he is weird but that CI already has this character in Goren.   I have never been a fan of his character, I don’t understand why they feel they have to have the same sort of thing in the even episodes too.    What is also interesting is that his partner (played by the beautifully red-haired Julianne Nicholson) is also pregnant, I don’t watch CI much but I am pretty sure they already had that plotline with Eames.     YAWN!


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