I could have a full weekend recap but I thought I would just recap yesterday. It was a long day. It started at 7am with me getting up and getting ready to play baseball.   Andy was picking me up at 7:30am to drive out to Oshawa for the playoffs of this tournament we played in on saturday.  

He took the 407 and we got out there really quick.   We warmed up and found out that our team was short players.   If they had told us this earlier then we would have helped find someone.    We played the game, I didn’t hit well but it didn’t really matter because the game only lasted 3 innings because after 3 innings we were losing 23-3.   What was funny was that my aunt, cousin and her kid came out to watch and they arrived late and only got to see 5 minutes.   Luckly they only live 5 minutes away.

Andy wanted to get back to Richmond Hill real quick because he wanted to play in a different tournament.   We weren’t on the team but he felt we could force himself onto the team.    We got there and found out that if the team won the game they were playing then we could play in the next one. 

We cheered them on as they went into extra innings but we also watched their big bats come up short and they lost.   If they had let us pinch-hit (which may have been against the rules) they would have surely won.    I got a drive home.

I then decided that I would try to join my parents who were going to the Blue Jay game.    It was my Mother’s birthday yesterday so I tried to surprise her by beating her down there.    I was successful.   The Jays were not as they got killed by the Red Sox but hey the Jays won the series.    Afterwards I treated my Parents to dinner.    My Mother wanted to go to Pickle Barrel which is her new favourite restaurant for some reason.    I had some shrimp and Lobster pasta.  

I then went to a basketball practice.   With a playoff game looming on thursday, my team wanted to work out some kinks.   We didn’t get a great turnout but we worked on some plays and then some guys on the next court challenged us to a game.   We accepted.   One of them looked like a shorter version of Joey Graham and he thought he was Lebron James.   The nets were only 10 feet high and this guy took advantage with a bunch of dunks.    After a half-court 4-on-4 game we decided to go full-court 5s.   That is when I decided I was going to try and cover mini-Lebron.    Man I got posterized a bunch of times.    I also played quite physical with the guy and fouled him pretty well.   The tough ones were when he got a running start, tough to foul without both of us dying and I was scared to take a charge.  

Went home after a couple of hours of this and watched the movie Traitor.    Wasn’t as good as I hoped.    Went to sleep with half my body aching.

2 Responses to “Yesterday”

  1. whatigotsofar Says:

    My sister’s father passed away. That was my weekend in a nutshell.

  2. Bob Says:

    that sucks. Give her my condolences.

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