My Week in sports

More like the last two weeks.   I played something like 10 straight days of sports and something like 13 out of 14 days.   For over half of it my knee was swollen and the swelling wouldn’t go down because I never rested it.    I finally got to rest it on sunday and instead of playing sports, I ate.    By this time yesterday I felt a great deal fatter and my scale agreed after work.    So instead of taking yesterday off too I decided to hit the gym for a bit.    I think that helped a lot.    I hadn’t been to the gym in awhile.   

Tonight I am back to playing sports again, I have a big 3-pitch game tonight with our playoff lives on the line, tomorrow my York team has its winning streak put to the test, thursday my basketball team plays its final game of the spring season and then friday is men’s league again.   Back to the grindstone!


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