When you were young

Tonight I am not playing a sport.   I could have been playing in two different leagues tonight, I could have been playing two different sports tonight, instead I declined one and technically quit the other.    The declined one I am fine with, it is quitting the 3-pitch league that is causing me pause right now.    There are many reasons why I have made this decision but the most important one is:  My health.   I think I need to give my knee a break.    Sure playing sports so many nights a week hurts my social life and gives me very little “down time” but I can deal with that, it is the short-term good of my knee that I am worried about.    But at the same time, I feel like I am failing the team, I miss them.    I am regretting the decision although I haven’t missed a week yet.     Hell, I wasn’t even suppose to play with them this year and then changed my mind after one game and I then played the first half of the season.     A part of me is wondering if this is a product of me getting older and not being able to do the same things I could when I was young.

4 Responses to “When you were young”

  1. DarcsFalcon Says:

    Well, aging might be a part of it.

    And maybe instead of thinking that you’re letting the team down, you could see it as giving someone else a chance to play. Would that help?

  2. Bob Says:

    My brother called a couple of hours ago and asked when we could meet at the field. I told him I wasn’t going. He didn’t seem happy with that. So thanks for trying but that didn’t help.

  3. whatigotsofar Says:

    The health and condition of your knee is a testament to you stubbornness and immature fantasies of being some sort of superhuman athlete. At your age, your knee should not be as messed up as it is. Nobody under the age of 30 should be wearing orthopedic braces without having been in a severe accident or having been born with some sort of defect.

    For both your health, your sanity and your teammates own maturity, you MUST take some time off.
    You bitch and complain a little too much about how your teammates need leadership. As long as you’re there, they have no incentive to mature as teammates. Take a full year off, from all teams. Force them to take up leadership roles without you being there as the safety net.
    I understand it’s fun to play, but your body is telling you to take a break. It’s been telling you for years.
    Remember that time your brother had a procedure and you didn’t want him to play for a while and he wouldn’t listen. In some ways, you are your brother, heed your own advice.

    Besides, with the free time, you can meet some sexy young ladies.

  4. Bob Says:

    I don’t want to describe the accident as “severe” but I think diving for a ball and having your leg bend the wrong direction can definitely be deemed an “accident” and a good reason to need a knee brace, especially since I was mis-diagnosed two or three times afterwords and when I actually saw a surgeon, he said he would prefer not to operate.

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