Adventures from Grocery Shopping

“Adventures” might be too strong a word. I went out to a couple of places yesterday, first is “Reid’s Dairy”. I haven’t been in awhile. When I was there I saw a new uniform on the women behind the counter and different signs, they are undergoing a name change to Quickert (the owner’s last name).

I also went out to No Frills. This was my second No Frills location in two days. The prices from the flyer were not matching the prices listed on the endcap displays. A weird example was the Decadent cookies. The flyer says the 550 grams bag should be 2.49 while the 350 gram one costs 3.19. But the display has the 350 gram ones at 2.49. When I got to the checkout counter the 550 one cost 2.49 so they didn’t screw me but I don’t understand why the wrong ones were on display. If they scan in at 3.19 doesn’t the store lose a lot of money because of the scanning practice policy here in Ontario? Doesn’t make sense.

One Response to “Adventures from Grocery Shopping”

  1. DarcsFalcon Says:

    Sounds like the pricing dept at No Frills needs to have a staff meeting! The stuff on the shelves is supposed to match the flier!

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