Wedding moments

As I was driving home from the wedding I had 5 separate wedding related blogs all ready in my head.   I wrote nothing down and now 5 has become 4.   But the good news is that I forgot some hilights in the monday entry so I will list some more stuff here:

– Louis was the father of the bride’s “helper”.   I have decided that is the best term for him.   He is a short late 30s latino guy with an accent.    When we went to the bride’s family’s house he was there serving drinks and helping to keep everything stocked.    Late that night he hung out with us and he was a lot of fun, I will never look at the word “enjoy” in the same way.    I was mingling at the wedding and I saw Louis and started talking with him about all the women at the wedding.    He looked for his favourite women there while trying to tell me to go after girls in Metro’s family.   We talked how one of them could be illegal and he said something about how he couldn’t go back to jail.   That was when he told me some story that involved him being a car with a guy doing crystal meth and he ended up in jail for 45 days.   That was over 5 years ago, I decided not to ask about any jail stories and when on my way.   I later saw Louis on the dance floor he was tearing it up and at one point had two women dancing with him at the same time (when one of their husbands saw how they were dancing, he pulled his wife away).    He was a fun guy.

– Feeling guilty about the night the couple met.   Over the last two weeks I was reminded of some of the details about the night the couple met.   It seems I was a little bit rude to the bride to be that night.   Many people who talked to me say that I had good reason but I still felt bad and hoped no speeches mentioned what happened (none did).   I did talk to the bride about it briefly and I made an argument that if I hadn’t asked her to leave the party then Metro might not have gone after her and made his move. 

– More about Tony Soprano.   I found out that his fiance’s pregnancy is a planned one.   She has diabetes and was told if they wanted to start a family it was better to start earlier than later. 

– The speeches made everyone cry.   They were very sad.   The Bride talked about her Mom and Metro, he got us to continue crying, which I found surprising.


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