Buying Raptors tickets

Every year, I try to get into one of the pre-sales and every year I find myself disappointed.   I made a list of games I was interested in last week.   I tried getting tickets from the list at Spritezone prices and I was un-successful.   They have turned the Spritezone into a 1/3 of a section (it use to be 4 sections).   I wanted to buy some tickets as presents, I even went up on the pay scale for some games and I was un-successful.   

I did get one pair of tickets for a game in February against the King, AP and Super Jamario.    The price the website showed was $30 tickets.   I wanted two.    Once I got to the checkout the price went up to $33 for some reason, then there was the stupid convenience charge of $7.50 per ticket, and just for the fun of they decided to have another $4.25 charge.   So what looked like $30 tickets became $42.50 tickets, the price jumped over 33%.    How is this possible?   How do they get away with this kind of bullshit?  

Last year, I tried the “Guys Night Out” once, I am going to try and get those tickets sometime next week when my Dad gets home from his vacation.   He is better at finding the deals.    It is days like this that makes me NOT want to go to games.


5 Responses to “Buying Raptors tickets”

  1. whatigotsofar Says:

    face it dude
    it was better when the team was shit
    the tickets were cheaper
    and the games were more fun to watch
    i miss the superstar

  2. Bob Says:

    He is with washington right now. You should buy tickets to that game, you know Arenas will be hurt and the superstar will get a chance to play. If you go to ticketmaster the password is 09Raptors

  3. DarcKnyt Says:

    WOW, a 33% price jump from the time you selected tickets to the time you reached check-out? WTF?! That’s called “robbery” in most places! Sounds like mafia tactics.

  4. DarcsFalcon Says:

    That kind of price jacking should be illegal. Sheesh. 2 for the price of 3, that’s just wrong.

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