After getting to New Brunswick and getting settled in, I told you we went to see a movie, the movie we went to see the movie Zombieland.  Now my brother had already seen the movie, but he enjoyed it so much that he wanted us all to go see it.   So myself and two of our cousin’s kids joined my brother at the movie theatre.   We arrived in the theatre 5 minutes before showtime and the theatre wasn’t even 20% full (we arrived that late because we had to stop at Bulk barn before going to the theatre).   The kids weren’t kidding when they said we didn’t have to rush to get there.   But enough about that, now to the movie itself:

– I like Woody, he can be funny.   He was funny in this movie. 

– I like Jessie Eisenberg.   My brother calls him the poor man’s Michael Cera but I have seen Eisenberg do his thing before Cera made it big.  

– I love the “Rules” Eisenberg’s characters have for Zombieland.  I love how any time somebody broke a rule, the rule was put on in the background.  

– I loved the special cameo in the movie and the funny scenes they had with the actor.  

Overall it was an enjoyable movie.   I am not saying it is “the best” or anything and really it was probably more enjoyable for me because I have been playing a zombie video game lately.   Also the trailers before the movie, they were all “end of the world” type movies, one of the was called “The Road”, it looked like a really good one.   Viggo was in it.

3 Responses to “Zombieland”

  1. DarcKnyt Says:

    I’ve never liked Woody, but I know a lot of zombie fans who probably will/have seen this too. And “The Road” looked pretty good. I saw that one on Apple.com trailers. Fun looking stuff.

  2. Bob Says:

    I found out after I posted this that “The Road” comes out tomorrow. I am wondering if I can make a trip out to see it at some point.

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