Daddy’s Home

As it was said, a felt this great sense of relief come over me.   Barney is back.   SPOILERS FOR HIMYM follow:


In what was turning into a horrible episode with Barney becoming a shadow of what he once was, they redeemed themselves in the end.   After forcing NPH into a fat suit, they decided to break up Robin and Barney.   That led to the ending with Barney arriving at the bar and pretty much every girl in the place noticing how awesome he is.   

Also exciting revealation from last night, Alan Thicke and Robin once had their own variety show.   We have seen NO footage but I am hoping that we get to see some soon.   

I think Slapsgiving is coming up soon!   How can you not be excited about that?


5 Responses to “Daddy’s Home”

  1. whatigotsofar Says:

    I don’t need Barney anymore. I’ve got the Big Z!

  2. Bob Says:

    Barney is a lot funnier and he is awesome. Big Z isn’t awesome.

  3. DarcKnyt Says:

    I’ve never seen the show, but I still can’t wrap my mind around how funny it is — and a little sad too — that NPH is playing the role of the womanizer on this show. Irony … it’s delicious. 🙂

  4. DarcsFalcon Says:

    I saw the commercial of NPH in a fat suit, in bed with a woman (?!?!) talking about moaning and pizza. Made me hungry. 😉

  5. Bob Says:

    The fat suit was bad.

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