The Walking Dead

I am not a zombie fan.   I have never been a fan of the horror genre as a whole.   So when people suggested that I check out this comic book about people trying to survive in a world with aombies, I wasn’t sure if I wanted to give it a chance.   I did and I haven’t regreted it for a second.   It is my favourite book.   And I still am not a fan of zombie related stuff.   The title of the book does not refer to the zombies as the “Walking Dead” but instead the survivors.   The book’s central character is Rick who looks for his family and eventually helps lead a group of survivors.   But in a world like this one, danger is everywhere.   In the end, the survivors are the walking dead because their fate already seems set, they are doomed but they are still walking around trying to survive.   The book has been an ongoing series and it is over 5 years in.   It is B&W and it can get quite graphic at times.  

If you are considering picking up this book, it has been collected in a lot of different formats including trade paperback, hardcover and omnibus.   I have been sticking with the monthly issues for about 4 years now, it is great because of the great cliffhangers that leave you waiting anxiously for the next issue.   This book has become so popular that there is talk of AMC turning it into a TV show.   That would be must-see TV.  


12 Responses to “The Walking Dead”

  1. whatigotsofar Says:

    “Dad! You killed the zombie Flanders!”

    “He was a zombie?”

  2. DarcKnyt Says:

    “have never been a fan of the horror genre as a whole.”

    Oh, man … you know how to drive a stake through a horror writer’s heart, don’t you?


    I’ve actually heard of this, and I’m someone who deliberately stays as far away from zombie anything as I can. I don’t like ’em, never have, and just … can’t get into them. But you make this one sound really interesting.

    During the five year run, has the creative team remained the same? Artist(s), writer(s), etc.? It’s rare to find a team that stays together that long anymore. If not, it’s really amazing they keep the quality consistent, art and writing.

    Interesting stuff. Does Bobette know about the comic book collection yet?

    • Bob Says:

      I knew you were a horror writer, I actually wrote this one with you in mind. Like I said, I don’t like zombie stuff but I still love this book. During the 5-year run, the writer/creator has stayed the same. It is his baby. The artist changed in the first year and it has been the same artist ever since. When they made the artistic change they also went from colour to B&W. When I originally saw that I wasn’t happy but I have gotten use to it and I think the B&W makes it better at times.

      She does not know about the collection yet. I do not plan on just blurting it out. Have to find the right opportunity to bring it up.

      • DarcKnyt Says:

        This is an indy comic then, not a mainstream thing, right? The creator has all the writing/creative control — which is awesome. Books stay good that way. (Do you remember SCUD the Disposable Assassin, or was that before your time?)

        B/W can have a pretty dramatic impact. That’s part of what made Romero’s Night of the Living Dead so effective. In comics it can work similarly, I’d think. I used to read one called Batman Black & White. GREAT stuff, from artists all over the industry, doing Batman stories strictly in b/w. It was one of the most awesome books I’ve ever read.

        With digital coloring now, they can do a lot more stuff so I can see benefits to both, but I think in B/W there’s more focus on the storytelling than the art. What do you think?

      • DarcKnyt Says:

        Oh, and you can handle the reveal to Bobette however you want, I wasn’t making any suggestions or dropping hints. I was only curious. Sorry if that came across wrong. 🙂

      • whatigotsofar Says:

        How to bring up the comic book fandom:

        “Oh baby, oooh, baby, yeah, ooh, yeah… Here it comes, here it comes, I-I-I’m a-a-a com… ic book fan. A big one. I used to whack off to an issue of She-Hulk.”

  3. Bob Says:

    Didn’t come across wrong. Yes, he has creator control over the book. The book comes out from Image which is the biggest creator-owned company in the business.

    I do remember SCUD (not before my time) but I never purchased it. Also never read the Batman: B&W although I remember when it came out.

    This is the only B&W book I read so I am not sure if I have much to comment on colour compared to B&W. I will ponder that one.

  4. DarcsFalcon Says:

    I never got into the Zombie thing either, nor any gorror. Yes, I typed it that way on purpose. Horror is okay, especially the way my husband writes it, and I’ve come to appreciate it in that form. But I can’t do the gory slasher stuff. Just. Can’t.

    @WIGSF I take it She-Hulk was hot?

  5. wigsf Says:

    I’m not into shehulk
    bob was

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