“Professional sports is fixed”

I hear this claim all the time.   The claim usually comes from the same person.   I am not blogging so that we can debate the merits of the person’s argument and I am not saying it can’t be true.    The reason I am blogging about this is because nothing good happens after the person makes this statement.    It is truly amazing this person has been making this statement for years and he hasn’t figured out that making this statement makes him seem jaded and weird.   Or maybe he does know and he doesn’t care.  

In the end, you would think that if you were making a statement that made people roll their eyes or feel a disconnect from you that you would stop making the statement especially to people you have just met.    This is not true for my friend.    I saw him in the last ten days make this statement in front of someone he had just met.  

I think if this is one of those things that you truly believe it, if you truly feel passionate about your argument, then you shouldn’t pull out this statement until you have known the person for at least 3 months so that you don’t scare them away with your paranoia.   What do you think?


30 Responses to ““Professional sports is fixed””

  1. The Man Says:

    Pro sports are fixed. I’m the one who fixes them.

    • Bob Says:

      Like I said, that is not the point. The point of this post is not to debate whether it is or not but instead it’s purpose is to debate if people should continue to bring something like this up in social situations when they have seen it ruin a conversation.

  2. whatigotsofar Says:

    Big Z, don’t listen to the Man.

    So… I take it this post is about me. Alright? What overly-sensitive douchebag did I piss off this time?

    • Bob Says:

      Me. It has pissed me off for a long time that you continue to bring this subject up. Somebody is sitting there enjoying watching a sport and you attempt to take all the fun out of it by talking about how it is rigged. Why do you want to ruin other people’s fun? Why do you feel the need to bring this subject up? Are you trying to repel people away?

    • whatigotsofar Says:

      How does whether or not the outcome is predetermined affect viewability and entertainability of the sporting event? The outcome is irrelevant. The journey is the thing.
      You enjoy watching tall sweaty guys in little shorts rubbing up against each other. As the viewer, that’s what matters most. So what if one team is better at putting their balls in the hole than the other and why that one team is better. Just sit back and enjoy the show of tall sweaty guys in little shorts rubbing up against each other.

      (By the way, if you can think of a gayer way to describe basketball, I’d like to hear it.)

      • Bob Says:

        You make the journey seem pointless. I have seen it on other people’s faces. You have to remember most sports teams, what they sell is hope. You help to take that hope away.

        At the same time, the line “Professional sports is fixed” is just the best example of the sabotage I have seen you do over the years. And I was reminded of it because you used it in a blog response yesterday. I couldn’t believe you brought it up once again. Hell I think you even said it to Bobette who doesn’t care about sports.

      • whatigotsofar Says:

        Pro sports doesn’t sell hope. Well, can you really sell hope. Hope is free. Hope costs nothing. Pro sports sells a show. Hope is how the show is marketed. “Come see the Wildcats ’cause they’re gonna win.” Right.
        But that doesn’t matter. Was the 97th Grey Cup good because Montreal won? Or was it good because of how they won, the show both teams put on? This Grey Cup was statisically, the best Grey Cup ever. More people saw this Grey Cup than any Grey Cup before.

  3. Bob Says:

    If you are going to continue to miss the point (or more likely ignore the point I am making) then I am not going to respond to you. You keep going back to the topic of sports, that isn’t what this is about, this is about YOU and why you do the things you do.

    • whatigotsofar Says:

      I don’t see anything wrong with what I do. Looks like you’re the one with the problem. (Not the enjoying homoeroticism thing). There’s nothing wrong with that. If that’s what you’re into. I’m a good friend. I’ll support your decision.)

      • Bob Says:

        That tells me that you are either oblivious to other people’s responses when you bring up that “sports is rigged” or you don’t care what their response is.

  4. DarcKnyt Says:

    I don’t know about this one. I don’t see holding back strong beliefs and passions for a specific period of time to avoid driving someone away as anything but political correctness domineering someone’s life. I’ll give you an example.

    I’m a born-again Christian. Yep, one of those “holy roller” “Bible-thumpers” (yes, it’s capitalized) you hear about and who are always trying to save your soul (no, I don’t do that). It’s more than a hobby of mine, more than something I care about, it’s my way of life and my core belief system. It dictates, to some degree, everything I do and say. I won’t hold that back from someone because I’m afraid they won’t like me any more, or will think I’m weird, or whatever. I won’t necessarily introduce myself with “Hi, I’m DarcKnyt, nice to meet you, I’m a Christian,” but you see where I’m going. This is important to me, at the center of my life, more important to me than my wife. Why would I refrain from sharing that aspect of myself? If someone’s going to be driven away by it (and Jesus said a lot of people would), why bother waiting?

    Now, believing pro sports are rigged or fixed isn’t quite as value-centric as one’s spirituality, but if it’s something WIGSF believes in his heart (and really believes, isn’t just saying it to yank someone’s chain), he has a right to share that with someone. It may not win him many friends, but it’s part of who he is, and when drives people away, that’s the risk he takes in holding to that belief.

    I know thinking sports are fixed is a minor thing, but it’s illustrative of a larger problem of hiding some facet of ourselves from others to win approval. If someone’s a diabetic, they don’t need to worry about whether someone’s going to accept them with their disease or not. They also can’t hide it; they might put themselves in harm’s way if they do. (On this note, I don’t believe WIGSF will be put in harm’s way by NOT talking about his belief in fixed sports.)

    Similarly, he’s got a God-given right to believe anything he wants. If he wants to spend time in his garage at night, walk on the street instead of the sidewalk, and goes through a car wash for his baths because he believes he’s a car, that’s his right. He can believe he’s a poached egg, and that’s fine. He can tell people he meets he’s a car or a poached egg, or that he believes the moon landing took place on a sound stage in Edwards Airforce Base, or whatever. But it won’t ever be true; none of it will.

    Sometimes, pro sports are rigged. The NBA scandal involving referees shows one aspect of that fixing process; the 1919 Chicago White Sox probably weren’t the last team to fix a World Series, either; they just got caught. Pete Rose, anyone? How ’bout Paul Hornung? These are just the ones we know about; how many fly undetected beneath the radar of watchdog groups and stuff?

    *Whew!* Long rant, but basically, I guess I’m saying if WIGSF wants to believe that, let him. It’s not necessarily true. And for sure don’t let him piss on YOUR parade. If you disagree with him you can always argue, but it won’t change his mind. Don’t let him change yours either. Annoying? Maybe, but remember: You don’t kill a fly with a shotgun. Let him be annoying, let him ruin his own reputation with people, and in the meantime, you can just keep on enjoying sports.

    Now you guys kiss and make up.

    • whatigotsofar Says:

      Kissing and making up. I’m afraid that’s his whole intention of this post. I think the Big Z is secretly in love with me. The new girlfriend is just a cover, a beard.

      • DarcKnyt Says:

        What if YOU’RE the one in love with HIM and you’re behaving like a jealous lover to break them up so you can have him all to yourself? HM? What of THAT idea? HA!

      • whatigotsofar Says:

        I’ve been saying he’s been gay for me for years.

  5. Bob Says:

    But it ruins my reputation too. People are less likely to want to hang out with me if WIGSF comes with me. So he is affecting my enjoyment of sports and my enjoyment of other people’s company.

    I am sorry but I disagree that just because he believes it he should have every right to say it to whoever he wants. How about I change the words he is saying. What if he is going around a mall and telling kids that “There is no Santa Claus, he is fake”. Is that right? He is ruining other people’s enjoyment and I have no idea what he is getting from it. I could understand him bringing it up if he got good debates out of it but he doesn’t. He has people question him, he goes further and then there is awkwardness. The only reason I can see him bringing it up over and over again is exactly what I said before, he is trying to sabotage things for himself and others. He is trying to ruin stuff and I don’t know why.

    You have to understand I have stood by and let it go for a long time but I can’t take him complaining on here about how nobody will go out with him and stuff like that when he is the one sabotaging things.

    As you can probably tell from a lot of my comments today, I have had some passionate stuff I have wanted to say, but I have not said anything. Are you suggesting that I always say these things to WIGSF? Are you saying that I shouldn’t curtail stuff I feel passionate about because it isn’t his “pot of tea”? I thought relationships were about “give and take” that is why I don’t always say what I feel because I don’t want to ruin other people’s enjoyment.

    • DarcKnyt Says:

      Okay, you’ve got some good points here, stuff I didn’t consider. How it affects your reputation is certainly something you have to consider when you’re out and about with someone. You’re known by the company you keep.

      And, you’re right; relationships are about give and take, to a degree. At the same time, there’s a certain level of acceptance which comes from being friends, and you guys have been friends a long time. I can see why you’re having a problem with it, and I didn’t mean to imply (even though I did) everything is okay and fair game. It’s not. It’s not okay for me to be destructive with someone by my words or actions, and if they’re a friend of mine, I would try not to be so. So you have a valid point there too.

      I don’t think WIGSF should have to hold back on his beliefs, but you’re right; he doesn’t have the right to impose them on others. I wouldn’t want someone telling my kids there is no Santa unless it’s ME doing it. Maybe that’s how this feels to you, but I think of it more like someone trying to convince everyone of government cover-ups of UFOs or that the Earth is flat. Most folks’ll just raise an eyebrow and go their way and whisper behind their hands and chuckle.

      But now, if they’re laughing at you (and honestly, I didn’t think of this, so I apologize for being so inconsiderate), that’s another matter. Now HE has to step up and be a friend. He has to take responsibility for his own actions and words and be aware he’s doing something harmful to someone he calls a friend.

      It’s up to him, really, but if you know you’re going to be around friends and WIGSF might say something which embarrasses you AND him, you have to decide whether continuing to be seen in public is something you want. He has the responsibility of being courteous of your feelings, but you have the choice about hanging out with him.

      Wow, you guys have a complex relationship. Sorry I underestimated that in my first response. And thanks for taking the time to help me understand how it works.

      I guess you better NOT kiss and make up yet.

      • Bob Says:

        I am fine with him saying embarassing stuff. He is opinionated and lets his mouth get the better of him. I accept that but I don’t understand how he can continue to say the same embarassing statement over and over again. Essentially what I am asking for here is new material. He has tried this one and it has failed miserably numerous times. So either he is oblivious to how it is failing or he is seeking failure. And I can tie this all back to his adventures in e-harmony. I have wondered if there is something he has said on those dates that have hurt his chances. I doubt the topic of sports comes up but it could be something else. If he can think of something then I am asking him to stop saying that line too and get new material.

  6. DarcKnyt Says:

    He is opinionated, but I know first-hand how letting one’s mouth get the better of one can hurt other people. I’ve got a lot of rusted wreckage from past friendships behind me because I did just that. I lost opportunities in other areas too from not reigning in my mouth. What you say is true; if this is something having an impact, other stuff might be too.

    Whenever I try to be insightful and helpful in these conversations, I end up sticking my foot AAAAAAAALL the way down my throat . . . like, up to the hip. I really should learn to STFU. You guys will work this out. WIGSF and you have been friends a LOOOOONG time, and know how to deal with each other. Me, I’m just an Internet loser butting in.

    Sorry about stepping in where I don’t belong guys. I am officially S’ingTFU riiiiight — NOW.


  7. Bob Says:

    Dude, if I didn’t want people butting in, then I would have typed an email not posted it in the blog. Although I have to admit putting it out on the Worldwideweb did feel cathartic. Reading what you just said, I think you suffer from the same “foot in mouth” disease as WIGSF. I accept that part of him. I just want him to find new comments to make, not keep making the same comment over and over again and hope for a different result. That almost sounds like the definition of insanity doesn’t?

    • DarcKnyt Says:

      Well, not anymore . . . at least, not as MUCH anymore. I had this thing in my head that being direct and completely honest would be more appealing to people than sugar-coating lies for them. On the other hand, a lot of people don’t want the truth and don’t like anyone telling them the truth. Especially when it’s raw and uncensored.

      So I do apologize for coming over here and sticking my foot in my mouth. I will work harder to find something encouraging to say without making a A$$ of myself in the future. IF I’m able! 😀

  8. Bob Says:

    Funny thing is that I am fine with the truth, remember just last week I was pleading with him for the truth on what he thought about Bobette. It is the other people that can’t handle WIGSF’s “truth” and I can’t handle the fact that THEY CAN’T HANDLE IT. Maybe that is a problem with me but there is no way I am taking all the blame. There has been a pattern of actions, this isn’t something new. What is new is the fact that since I have started going out with Bobette, I worry about WIGSF more.

    • DarcKnyt Says:

      Oh, not saying you’re not fine with the truth, and I’m not saying WIGSF is TELLING the truth, either. I should’ve clarified that more; when I said I was telling people the unedited “truth”, what I really did was be rude and hurtful. “Brutally honest”, I used to call it. Now I call it unnecessary roughness. No reason you can’t be honest and respectful at the same time.

      There are cases though where NOTHING you can say except what the other person wants to hear is going to work. That’s not the case here, I’m just saying.

      And I think you worrying about WIGSF more now that you’re dating Bobette is an indication of how close you guys are.

      • Bob Says:

        Actually it is funny that you brought up the “unncessary roughness” that is what I was afraid this whole blog post would be but I was tired with beating around the bush.

  9. DarcKnyt Says:

    I guess only WIGSF can determine if this is unnecessary roughness or not from his perspective. But I can relate to what you’re saying — enough is enough. I’ve never had a problem with someone ruining my reputation except my mother.

    I think you and WIGSF have known each other long and well enough to work this out, though. I’m certain he can handle it and you can come to some understanding. You’re close friends, and friends work it out.

    • Bob Says:

      I would like to agree that we are going to work this out but as you can see, he isn’t taking this serious. He is impossible to talk to.

  10. DarcsFalcon Says:

    I feel like I really want to address this, but not sure if I can do it in a comment. It feels like it needs an email or something, you know?

    You guys love each other, that’s clear. You’re a lot like brothers. And now your relationship is going through this flux because of the new g-friend element. That’s going to rock any r-ship, and it’s pretty normal.

    I’ll be back later I think. Dinner’s almost ready, but I do have some things I want to say.

  11. whatigotsofar Says:

    Overall, I think you’re making too big a stink out of my statement.

    Rack your brain, have I ever said this statement to your sports friends? Sure, I’ve said it to Bobette (isn’t big on sports far as I can tell), the Twins (aren’t big on sports) and Boston (a Leaf fan therefore needs any dillusion to keep faith in his beloved team).
    And of course, I’ve said it to you, but I’ve backed up my statement with a pledge that I should I be proven wrong (having all three Toronto teams win another championship), I’ll take a bride.

  12. Bob Says:

    so you are claiming that you do actually think about who is in attendance before you make this statement? I know for a fact that you have made the statement in front of more people than that. And once again this comment is just an example. I think you are thinking too much about the specifics of the example and not enough about why you do what you do.

  13. whatigotsofar Says:

    Okay, I’ll say it again. I’m an asshole. Why is this news to you? In fact, I think I’m a lot better than I used to be. So why make a stink now?
    If “sports are fixed” is the worst thing I’ve said to your girlfriend, you should be freakin’ ecstatic. And that is the worst thing I’ve said. I think on the grand scale of awful things I’m capable of saying, that’s pretty low. Here’s the list from worst to least worst:
    – “I will not converse with a woman of lower social standing than I.”
    – “How much is Bob paying you to pretend to be his girlfriend?”
    – “If I said you had nice breasts, would you take your top off and dance around a bit for me?”
    – “Bob likes Sweet Escape. He orders it all the time. If only he would stop pronouncing it ‘Sweet Excape.'”
    – “Bob used to be a woman. See, he still has the breasts.”
    – “Didn’t I see you turning tricks outside the Jarvis Motor Inn?”
    – “Pro sports are fixed.”

  14. Bob Says:

    It isn’t news but I have to be honest, I have never believed it. I always believed that you put out this asshole persona so that you could hide your true self. I still believe this. I see how you act around your family, I see how you act around me when things get serious. I know what you are capable of. I just don’t like that you never show the average person the person I know is inside you.

    Why make a stink now? Because I am concerned about you and I am not alone. I am concerned because I will be forced (because of other commitments) to hang out with you less and I would like to set you up with these other girls I have met but how can I if I can’t guarntee to them that you won’t embarass yourself and me?

    You think you are getting better? I am not sure in what way you are referring to. But I have wondered the last little while why you have gone so far off your diet? Last year you were working out/wiing quite a bit to stay in shape. Now I hear about you blogging about fried chicken, donuts and taters all the time. It feels like you are giving up. I am not ready to give up on you but if you have then that is going to make my job a lot tougher. I am trying to be a good friend here but I am not sure what to do anymore.

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