Dinner at Moxie’s

We got to Moxie’s first (which is surprising since the other two live literally 1 minute away).   We got a table.   I am not going to get into the horrible service we got (the waiter gave us dirty looks) because that is not what you are looking for.

The other two arrived and there were introductions and good conversation.   Embarassing stories were told about me and similarities were found between the two girls.   Fun was had by all.   An hour or so after I got the following text from Chrissy: “i really like her :)”

Picture time for Rachel, I decided to go away from the sports theme and instead go with somebody Bobette likes:

7 Responses to “Dinner at Moxie’s”

  1. Rachel Says:


    Those jeans look as if they could crumble away at the slightest breeze. Hot! LOL

    Okay, focus, Rachel, Bob wrote a post…ahem.

    I’m glad Chrissy likes Bobette!

    I wonder why the waiter kept giving you dirty looks? Wtf?

  2. darcknyt Says:

    Waiters who give dirty looks get no tips is my motto, bud. I hate that crap. Once, about twenty years ago or so, a girl I dated and I went to this place called Red Robin for burgers (back then, the burgers were designer burgers and delicious, but not stupid-expensive). The waiter seemed great through the whole meal. At the end, my girlfriend gave him a tip which involved getting back a five dollar bill.

    So, he’s staring down at it, and says, “Why did you even do this? What the hell is this?” She was surprised, but says, “I wanted a five back.” The waiter says, “Well the point is, I don’t want to carry your crap around like this.” So he storms off saying he’d be back later. We took the money back, put a penny on the table and left miffed.

    We’re out in the parking lot when the door to the restaurant bangs open and this guy sticks his head out and shouts “Oh, thanks very much, you come back again REAL soon.”

    My girlfriend pitches around on her heel and stomps back in. She tells the manager what happened. He gives us a couple of certificates for free meals. Next time I go back (the place was in a mall), the waiter’s not there. I saw him job hunting in the mall, staring down at applications. He looks up and sees me. I waved.

    True story.

    And I’m glad the pressure and worry are over, and Bobette and Chrissy got along famously. What a relief, huh? 🙂

    How’d you get that picture of me?

  3. whatigotsofar Says:

    Oooh, that guy’s channing my tatum.

  4. DarcsFalcon Says:

    I knew it I knew it! I knew they’d get along and like each other! 😀

    What embarrassing stories?

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