Meeting Bobette’s parents

On the weekend I met Bobette’s parents.   Drove out to Ajax, got out there early so I drove by where my family’s old bakery use to be.  Now there is a bar in its place.   Any ways, I am digressing.   I quickly end up getting lost and eventually find my way and get there on time.   I was welcomed not only by her parents (and sister) but by their two dogs.   One of the dogs was 150 lbs.   The guy looked like a small cow.    I was told to show no fear and I think I did a good job of that.  

Bobette’s Father’s name is Elvis (NOT A FAKE NAME, THAT IS TRULY HIS NAME), he offered me a beer and we sat in the family room talking while some new girlie Canadice Cameron Bure show was on (yes she is back on TV and yes Bobette was in the room watching the show).   He isn’t very interested in sports but he use to play some softball so we talked about that and then eventually the conversation got to my car repairs and such.  

We got called in the other room for dinner, it was tacos.   Although Bobette made fun of the fact that I am not a fan of salad, I finished mine before she finished hers.  How about dem apples?   I tried not to eat fast or eat too much.   During dinner I found out that Bobette’s sister is a yeller.   She yells stuff and reminds me of my brother.   At one point she told a story about her getting arrested for shoplifting.   She sounded proud, I think it had to do with the fact that once she turned 18 her record got cleaned.   Just in time for dessert, Bobette’s sister’s boyfriend showed up.    He was made fun of a lot before he arrived and it didn’t seem to stop after his arrival.   Dude just took it and was quiet.   Dessert was some tasty candy cane ice cream.

I tried helping with dishes and then got thrown out of the kitchen.   Went into the family room with Elvis and I finally got the Vikings game on (it was around 8:45 so it was still the first quarter).   Elvis has no interest in football so I decided to talk to him about another one of his interests: Sci-fi.   Yes, I went there.   I even used an obsure ST: TNG reference and he remembered the scene (It was the episode when Scotty was saved and hung around with the TNG crew for the episode).  

I then had to go downstairs because Bobett’e sister was yelling at us to come down and play Rockband.   They had only one guitar and one mike.   We shared and made the best of it.   Bobette got more confident with the singing and the guitar but we did have the “no fail” mode on.  

That was pretty much it.   Nice people and a nice night overall.   I was actually lucky that I was playing rock band downstairs and not watching the football game.

14 Responses to “Meeting Bobette’s parents”

  1. wigsf Says:

    you smell something? I certainly smell something. Kinda like turkey as its being pulled from the oven.

  2. whatigotsofar Says:

    And, it kinda frightens me, but I think I remember that episode of Next Gen. And I don’t remember many. Let’s see, there’s:
    – the last episode with the temporal shifting by Picard
    – the one where Picard becomes the Borg Loquetis
    – the one where Wesley makes fun of Laforge for getting it on with a holo-chick
    – and I think there was one where Troy had a kid

    Still, nothing compares to Star Trek.

    • Bob Says:

      Both Elvis and I agree, we are not fans of the original series.

      I remember the episode with Scotty because he had a great line to LaForge about always giving the captain in-correct timelines for jobs and then coming out and looking like a miracle worker.

      Oh and I remember the first two you listed, the third one, I remember LaForge and the chick but not Wesley making fun of him. Not sure which episode you are referring to about Troy having a kid. There was the one where Worf was shifting between realities and in one of them he was married to Troy and they had a kid.

  3. DarcKnyt Says:

    I liked TNG after I got used to it.

    Well, should we be teasing you about buying a ring next? Usually meeting the parents signifies something major going on, unless you meet them by accident like I met my wife’s mother. So ARE things pretty serious now? Hm?

    Oh, and you didn’t miss anything with the Vikings game except Chilly and Fart fighting on the sidelines. And in the presser afterward. But by the next day Chilly was dismissing it. More rumors about how it’s NOT all right are flying today though.

    And I dropped another one. My team got murdered last night.

    Anyway, I’m glad you got along all right with her family and enjoyed yourself.

  4. DarcsFalcon Says:

    Wow, meeting the parents already? At least you had a nice time and there weren’t any fireworks or any weird stuff!

    Troy had a kid once by an alien force sort of thing, she was pregnant for like 2 days, then the kid grew up in like 3 and left the ship. He wanted to know what it was like to be human or something, which is pretty silly because Troy was only half human. I don’t recall all the details.

    I do remember the one you mention with Scotty, and that scene where he’s telling LaForge to fudge his times was funny. 🙂

  5. Bob Says:

    I wondered myself if it was a little bit early to meet parents and such but both sets of parents wanted meet and greets with us kids. I worry that she is more committed to this then I am.

  6. Rachel Says:

    TNG is my particular Star Trek fave. I’ve seen every episode several times. Q was my favorite character, Wesley my least.

    Good to see things going well with Bobette!

    • Bob Says:

      What is wrong with Wesley? He wasn’t my favourite but I think he was far from the worst. Alexander was a lot more annoying than Wesley.

  7. whatigotsofar Says:

    “Kill Wil Wheaton! From Hell’s heart, stab at HIM!”

  8. DarcsFalcon Says:

    Wesley was just … weird. And the whole end of series thing, where he ran off with some space guy – just so not Wesley at all, not after having spent so many years in Starfleet, and wanting to grow up to be like his dad. Running off like some dirty hippie? Totally out of character.

    And yes, Alexander was annoying too. One of those, “We’re losing ratings, bring in the new kid!” Which is ironic, because the kid who played Alexander was the same kid who played the littlest brother on Family Ties, when they did the same “bring in a new kid” thing.

  9. Bob Says:

    I agree Wesley’s last appearance was a strange one but I don’t think he was as bad you all make him out to be.

    • DarcsFalcon Says:

      But he’s so much fun to pick on! He’s a lot like that friend of yours that you like to trip and make fall down all the time – I forget his name but you’ve mentioned him before. Wesley’s a lot like that.

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