New weight bet

On tuesday, Bobette acted as our witness as my brother and I signed our contracts for the new weight bet.   It goes from Jan. 4th to April 4th.   The winner gets $100.   My brother had other suggestions for the reward like:

– Dinner at restaurant (he was thinking “The Keg” if he won)

– Winner gets to destroy something of the loser’s (I am not as destructive as my bro)

I am glad we agreed upon a monetary value.   He also didn’t want it to be a percentage weight thing because it is too complicated.   Since I weight more than him, this worked to my advantage.   Now the question is, can I beat him?   He eats really unhealthy.   If he is able to cut out pop, cut back his fried chicken and pizza then I might be in trouble.   I am not sure how much I would have to change my lifestyle to compete with that.   I am kindof scared but at the same time I like the challenge.  

Now since I doubt I will have time to come on tomorrow, I am going to say now, Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays to all!   I will probably be back blogging next week!

4 Responses to “New weight bet”

  1. whatigotsofar Says:

    Happy Christmas and a joyous Boxing Day!

  2. DarcKnyt Says:

    Merry Christmas to you, Bobette, and both families. God bless. 🙂

  3. DarcsFalcon Says:

    Woo! $100 for you to win! And you will. 🙂

    Have a merry Christmas too Bob, I hope your day is wonderful. 🙂

  4. Rachel Says:

    Hope your holiday was great; good luck with your bet!

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