Fast Food Real Estate

Thornhill has finally gotten a McDonald’s!!!   Sure they have always had one in the Promnade but I don’t count that one.  Ever since the one by Kirk street closed they have been without one.   It was weird how no one tried to open one up on Yonge street, probably could have made a killing.   There is now a new location on Steeles near the Toys-R-Us. 

In other fast food news, after years of serving great chicken, the KFC at Weldrick has closed down.   I tried going in for Toonie Tuesday and found that all the signage was down and everything.   That location had been open for over 20 years.    That is two stores in that strip mall that I liked both closed down.   Don’t need to go into that plaza anymore.

11 Responses to “Fast Food Real Estate”

  1. whatigotsofar Says:

    As long as the Golden Star remains, Thornhill will still have it’s fast food goodness.

  2. DarcKnyt Says:

    Holy CRAP, dude. I don’t know if I’ve EVER, in my entire LIFE, heard of a McDonald’s closing! Moving, fine; expanding, for sure; closing? NEVER. That’s … that’s amazing.

    And a KFC too? HOLY CRAP, dude. What’s going on up there?!

    You’re breaking my heart, man ….

  3. Rachel Says:

    Had a McDonalds in my old town close last year too! McDonalds must be restructuring its organization or something.

    • DarcKnyt Says:

      OH, Rachel … say it ain’t so … say it ain’t so!

      Actually, the individual franchises won’t be affected by corporate restructuring. So if they’re closing it’s because of failure in performance at the point of sale.

      … which hurts to think about.

  4. Bob Says:

    My bad, the McDonald’s that closed in Thornhill, it closed something like 15 years ago. It isn’t news, the news is that it took 15 years for them to get another one.

  5. wigsf Says:

    there is another mcds across the street from the promenade but that’s a mcwalmart

    Also there’s the one at 7 and old 7 which is technically concord but its not like thornhill is a town into itself but really just a large grouping of neighbourhoods

    And why is that a deal for you
    you don’t live in thornhill and there’s a mcds just a few blocks north of you

    The real concern should be the lack of quality chicken shacks
    where’s the nearest popeyes or Mary browns

  6. Bob Says:

    The lack of McDonald’s in Thornhill is a concern because I have to drive through Thornhill to get to work and it is disappointing that I can’thave McDonald’s breakfast when I am late.

  7. DarcsFalcon Says:

    No McDonalds? Wow! And KFC too? What’s going on up there?!

    Mmmmm, McGriddles! Now I’m hungry and it’s not even breakfast.

  8. whatigotsofar Says:

    another travisty (sp?) is the absence of Burger Kings. They have a better breakfast menu than McDs.

  9. Bob Says:

    I disagree. I think McDonald’s has a superior breakfast menu. Burger King’s sandwiches seem more soggy.

  10. whatigotsofar Says:

    I respectfully disagree. I find McD’s sandwichs to be soggier than BKs. Also, BK has both a pancake and a french toast product.

    I also prefer the even-cooked-ness of BKs hash brown bites to McDs unevenly cooked hash brown patties.

    McDs has a better tasting coffee, that, I’ll give ya. McDs also “fixes” the coffee, BK’s coffee is more of a DIY thing.

    The hotcakes are better at McDs too. But, there’s really no alternative.

    As for muffins, I don’t care much for the muffins.

    Historically, the BK crescent sandwich is better than the McDs bagel. I recently had a McDs bagel sandwich and it was just plain awful. I’ve never been found of a bagel breakfast sandwich, but if I had to have one, I’d go to Tim Hortons for theirs.

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