Who is Jay?   Jay was the interesting character I met at the New Year’s Party.   Some of my friends didn’t get to meet him because the left the party by 10pm never to return (what is with that?).   Jay was redneck like, he was 38 and had two beer cans in his hand at all times (surprisingly I never saw him finish the first one).  

It all started with him introducing himself to all of us.   When he got to Boston’s date, he found out her name was Anya.  He said he could make a joke but he shouldn’t.    Boston insisted that he makes the joke and so Jay said, “I would like to BE on ya.”   Boston laughed, I tried to hold back my laughter because Anya looked very uncomfortable.   5 minutes later Jay was across the room telling another guy, “See that girl over there, her name is Anya as in, I would like to be on ya.”    He did this numerous times and he also kept coming back to talk up both Boston and her.  

At one point he sat down beside Bobette and me and started to talk to us.   He talked to me about Boston.   This is essentially what he had to say: “I was a lot like Boston when I was his age.   He is a really nice guy but he has to grow a set.   He is the type of guy that if he is in line at the grocery store, you can cut in front of him.   All you had to do was have a couple of items in your hands ask if you can cut in, he would say YES and then you pull a big cart full of stuff in front of him and he would do nothing.   He needs to hit that (Jay was of course referring to Anya at this point).”   It was really tough trying to keep a straight face while this drunk guy pretended to psycho-analyze Boston.    Eventually he left.  

As we were leaving, when the elevator doors opened, he was getting off the elevator.   It seems he was returning to the party as we were leaving.   Jay wanted to give us hugs and such.   He actually stopped the elevator doors from closing just to tell us that this was the best night he has had in a long time (he actually might have said “ever” but I can’t remember exactly).   God I wish I had a picture of this guy to show you.  This guy was classic and really made the party.   It is amazing how many times he could make the same joke and still enjoy it.

UPDATE: Bobette added pictures on facebook and I now have a picture of Jay:

4 Responses to “Jay”

  1. whatigotsofar Says:

    Sounds like your friends who left the party, left the party at the right time.

  2. DarcKnyt Says:

    This guy Jay, he sounds interesting. I could use a character like that in a good story or two. And I think it’s funny you all found him amusing (even though Boston’s date didn’t — and who can blame her?) when he’s telling the same joke over and over again.

    Glad you had a good time!

  3. DarcsFalcon Says:

    I think I’m with Anya on this one.

    Especially as I have a friend who’s daughter is named that too. She’s 6. So this guy just feels really icky just by association.

    Isn’t that weird?

    But I’m glad you had a nice time at New Years!

    And I know who left the party early, lol.

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