Dis and Dat

Some hilights from the weekend:

– I wanted to bake muffins, I didn’t have any pam or paper liner things so I kind of chickened out.   Got home from the bar last night and found the muffins made with the liners.   Thanks to my bro!

– So Vikings dropped the ball…. literally.   Too many fumbles, too many INT and they lost in OT to the Saints.   I would have rather they had not had the opportunities to win the game.   But they did and I got my hopes up numerous times only to watch them hand the ball over and lose the game.   At least they lost the game to the one team I could stand them losing to.   Good luck at the Superbowl Saints!   I hope they beat the Colts!

– This weekend I found out this guy from my baseball team is officially leaving the team.  That and he is being secretive about the actual reasons for leaving.  The guy seems like such a nice guy, we have so much in common and then he just suddenly goes off the deep end.   It is weird.

– Went to Puck’n’Wings last night for the first time.   I blogged about it a long time ago: https://whataboutbobb.wordpress.com/2009/04/06/puckn-wings/  It was one of my more popular blog posts.   I thought the food was pretty damn good.   The prices aren’t great but they are comparable to other wing places.    The service… well it sucked.   The place wasn’t that busy but we had trouble getting our waitress to stop at our table, she forgot about drink orders and she never brought us our change.   We probably will go back but no tip next time!

– Puck’n’wings had an air blade in the washroom, it is a cool hand dryer that I think I have also blogged about here.   At one point water was knocked over on to my pants, somebody joked I should stick my crotch in the air blade.   I declined.

– Raptors win!   Raptors win!   The NFL wasn’t the only game on tv yesterday as the Raptors beat the LA Lakers.   Kobe had a couple of last second attempts that he missed and the raptors got a 1-point victory.

– Went to Dave and Buster’s this weekend, I was hoping to eat there but they lost our reservation and we had to eat somewhere else.   I played a few games (beat my bro in the basketball shooting game) and was impressed with the fact that I could get a maple leaf cap with all the tickets I have saved up.   I think I will bring Bobette there some time and let her decide what should be done with the tickets.  I am not that high on getting another baseball cap.

– Bought the Drawn Together complete series DVD.   Fun little cartoon show.   It also comes with a board game in the collection!

Time for a couple more rules:

21) Be cute – What are you a hamster?

22) Say “hey” with eyebrows – Porn star, anyone?


5 Responses to “Dis and Dat”

  1. whatigotsofar Says:

    21) as opposed to “be ugly”

    22) again, is this like writing words on my eyelids, cuz it ain’t easy to write on my eyelids for multiple reaons:
    1. have to use a mirror therefore writing is backwards
    2. my eye must be shut in order to get access to the eyelid so I’m viewing one eye at a time
    Or am I supposed to shave words in my eyebrows. Sure, they’re kinda bushy, but not that bushy.

    • Bob Says:

      Ugly or cute? You don’t think there is any middle ground? Actually I think the opposite of “ugly” for a man is “handsome”. Cute is completely different from “handsome”. Really there were a lot of different words she could have used instead of “cute”. It does give off a very specific image.

  2. DarcKnyt Says:

    ‘Cept for the ViQUEENS (HA! Got that off a football blog) blowing it — and HOLY COW, FAVRE did EXACTLY the same thing as the LAST time he was in a championship game! — sounds like a good weekend.

    You have to make reservations for D&B?! SERIOUSLY?! Wow, that place isn’t like that down here. At least, it wasn’t last time I went. Hm.

    The rules are gettin’ outta hand now. Hello with the eyebrows? That’s creepy. Do that and you’ll be arrested. 😉

  3. DarcsFalcon Says:

    Sorry about your Vikings.

    Okay, pleased as punch about Favre, but sorry about your team. I do like the Vikes, without #4. But I was rooting for the Saints since they’ve never been.

    Say hey with your eyebrows? Okay, that’s just weird! LOL You should see my 4 y/o do that – we all start laughing. She does it to annoy her brother. 😀

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