Is it a trap?

Bobette is big into holidays.   She loves Christmas, Halloween and I think even Easter.   But she says she isn’t a fan of Valentine’s Day.   She says it is just a manifactured holiday and she doesn’t like celebrating it.   She says “Who are they to tell us when to be romantic?   I would rather have a romantic gift on another day instead of celebrating Valentine’s day.”   I was surprised by this but I said “Okay”.   So do you think this is a “trap”?  If I plan on doing something else on Valentine’s day, if I don’t give her a gift on Valentine’s day, will I be in trouble?   Even last night, we were watching this commercial for a star studded movie, she was getting interested in the movie, then she found out the title, “Valentine’s Day”.   She rolled her eyes and said “I was all excited about the movie until I heard the title!”.    So once again, do you think this is some sort of trap?   Will I get in trouble if I decide to watch the NBA all-star game with the guys or something?

More rules (these ones are some of the more boring ones):

11) Be polite/gentleman like e.g. open the door – 🙂

30) Make her happy – DUH

33) Be masculine, yet sensitive at the same time.

35) Notice things (new haircut, style) – (His response was a checkmark)

4 Responses to “Is it a trap?”

  1. whatigotsofar Says:

    Trap? It’s not a trap. It’s a test. She’s testing you. You have to give her stuff. You have to take her someplace. You have to get her flowers.

  2. Rachel Says:

    I don’t think its either a test or a trap. I feel the same way. To me, the romance of Valentines day is overhyped, artficial, and obligatory, which ipso facto, negates the “romantic” mojo of the “holiday”. Don’t do anything for Valentines day just because you’re SUPPOSED to, but because you WANT to. If there’s any test here its in how you show you’re being loving and romantic because YOU WANT to not because of some enforced Valentines Day expectation/tradition.

  3. DarcsFalcon Says:

    Yes, it’s a trap. She’s telling you that she hopes you’ll be romantic, even if it IS Valentine’s Day, that the “commercialism” of it won’t stop you from being romantic toward her.

    A man can’t make a woman happy, and a woman can’t make a man happy. You can’t have your happiness depend on another person – they won’t fix you, heal you, fulfill you, or anything else. What they CAN do, is share all those things, but they can’t fix things. 🙂 Stepping off the soapbox now. 😀

    • whatigotsofar Says:

      Falcon, I disagree with one part of your thesis. A woman CAN make a man happy. It’s just that they choose not to.

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