Watching “The Mating Habits of the Earthbound Human” with Bobette

You’ve seen the movie (What?  You haven’t seen it?   WIGSF has told you to watch this movie numerous times.   I have agreed with him.   Go get it this afternoon!), I hadn’t seen it for years so when WIGSF was talking it up a while back, I asked if I could borrow it.   He passed it to me and when Bobette was over last night we needed something to watch after Scrubs (I am continuing to stay away from “Better off Ted” for WIGSF’s sake).    I suggested the movie and we watched it.   As it began, I said a prayer to myself that there is nothing in this movie that will get me in trouble.   Looking back this morning on the movie, I am unsure if the movie did damage or helped.  Let me key into some hilights:

– Jenny (main female lead) made Billy (main male lead) wait a while before they had sex.   Even after making him wait, one of her co-workers jokingly called her a slut.   Bobette noted that she didn’t wait as long as Jenny did and questioned if she was a slut.    I said nothing.

– After Jenny and Bill had been going out for a year, Jenny wanted him to meet her parents and she also started saying “I love you”.   Billy couldn’t/wouldn’t say it back.   We actually laughed at Billy’s responses to her whenever she said it.   But inside, every time she said it and he didn’t, I got scared.    Although at the same time, she waited a year to start saying this.   If i get that sort of time then I will probably have a good answer.   But I am concerned that we have moved a lot faster than Billy and Jenny.   I have already seen her parents three times now and we have been going out for less than 4 months. 

So in conclusion, she enjoyed the movie, but I am worried that it may not have helped me but instead it might have hurt me in future conversations with Bobette.

More rules:

20) Invite her to outings (group) – Might scare some girls: especially if your friends are freaks.

23) No sleaziness – This girl has problems.

31) Give her a cute name.

Note:  The penmanship on the paper is a mess, I honestly have no idea what she wrote for #23, “sleaziness” is my best guess.

One Response to “Watching “The Mating Habits of the Earthbound Human” with Bobette”

  1. whatigotsofar Says:

    re BET, thank you

    20) especially if you’re friends with WIGSF

    23) what? girls can dish it out but can’t take it?

    31) how about Honeypot? or Electricity-socket? Oh I know, Mine-shaft!

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