101 Things to do before you die

There has been a book kicking around my living room with that title.   It was this book that made me make the resolution (2. Create my own things to do before I die list and finish three things from it.).   I decided to start reading it and find out what is on the list.   Now mind you, this is my brother’s book.   I know it was purchased at Winners, I have tried going to other locations to try and buy the same book so that I can have one of my own but I have had no luck.  

Entries from the book will become my new end of the blog feature.   With 101 of them I am sure I will have enough material to last me for some time.    Some are fairly tough, some are quite illegal and some I have already done.    Should be fun to look at all of them and see what I can get done this year!

Here is a random one (just opened the book to a random page): “Be friends with your Ex”

– I have tried this one.   I tried to be friends with my ex.   It didn’t work out (although we are facebook friends).   I only have the one ex so until things don’t work out with Bobette, I won’t really get to put this one in practice.    I will say this, I stayed friends with Christy after her and Boston broke up.   That is as close as I am going to get at this point.

8 Responses to “101 Things to do before you die”

  1. whatigotsofar Says:

    It’s okay to be friends with an ex if the ex is a friendable person. Your ex, dude, everything about your life is better because she ain’t in it. She is not a friendable person. Frankly, the crap that bitch put your through, she’s gonna rot in hell for those sins.

  2. Bob Says:

    Wait… what did she “put me through”? Maybe I remember our relationship differently than you do.

  3. whatigotsofar Says:

    I might be remembering things differently but still, what she did was cold.

  4. DarcsFalcon Says:

    A bucket list, huh? Sounds like fun. 🙂 I never had one of those.

    I can say this though – I almost never did the friends with ex’s thing. I don’t do sequels for a reason. There was one or 2 who were nice guys that it just didn’t work out with for non-personal reasons. All the others, jerks. No friends.

    Kind of interesting how you put “Until things don’t work out with Bobette.” Something you’re not telling us, hmm? Freudian slip of the tongue? 😉

    • Bob Says:

      “All the others, jerks.” – Why would you date a jerk? I never understand why women do that.

      And no it was not a freudian slip. I typed it that way because I believed if I typed it any other way then WIGSF would make yet another comment about how she will never be an “ex” and ask me yet again, “When is she moving in?” Since he didn’t do that, I can say I was successful.

      • DarcsFalcon Says:

        Hahaha, no, it’s like this – they seem really nice at first, so you start dating them, then their true self comes out and you realize what a jerk they are so you break up with them, because you are – after all – a self-respecting female. So, it wasn’t that you were trying to date a jerk on purpose. Some guys are good at deception, some women are good at always giving the benefit of the doubt.

        LOL Okay, I get your reasoning now. Yeah, looks like success from here. Watch, now he’ll come over and say something just to be ornery. 😉

  5. whatigotsofar Says:

    So, when’s Bobette moving in?

  6. Miranda Says:

    I’ve been working on completing that book for years! I’m still not very accomplished, but it’s fun trying.

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