NBA Allstar Weekend

Sorry for the late post.   The latest entries I have been working on, I haven’t had time to finish them and I have been busy at work.   I was just thinking about how I like NBA allstar weekend.   On the first night they always have the Rooks vs. Sophs game and a celebrity game.   These events are not always televised but they will be this year.    This is good because there will be some Raptor flavour this year because they have added a new wrinkle to the friday night.   At the half-time to the Rooks/Sophs game, they will have a “Dunk-in”.   Two competitors go up against each other.   Winner gets to compete in the dunk contest the next night.    Rookie shooting guard DeMar Derozan is in the dunk-in.

Speaking about the saturday night, it is my favourite night of the Allstar weekend.   This is where you have the Dunk contest (which can be very enjoyable but it usually ends up being hyped up too much and always makes me feel like the true winner did not win) which sometimes can become a popularity contest and about showmanship not about dunking ability.   There is also the skills competition and the 3-point competition.   Fun events.   I also believe it is on the saturdays when they have guys playing a game of H-O-R-S-E (also something new, I also am not sure if it is televised) and I think a 3-on-3 contest with a retired player, current player and an WNBA player.   Also an enjoyable competition. 

Finally on the sunday they have the actual allstar game.   Not as exciting as all the other stuff but this is where you see the biggest stars screwing around, having fun and trying not to get hurt. 

Do you like the allstar game?   What is your favourite part?  How do you think it stacks up compared to other allstar weekends?

Steps: A lot yesterday.

#33 101 Things to do before you die: Score a hole in One.

Golf thing.   I don’t think miniture golf counts.   This will be a tough one for me to achieve because if I do it then I will have fluked it and I rarely golf.   Maybe I go once a year.   I wouldn’t mind going more but it is all about the people you are golfing with.   Tough getting my friends to go out.


4 Responses to “NBA Allstar Weekend”

  1. DarcsFalcon Says:

    I haven’t watched bball since the Bulls won one of their championships on my bday a few years ago. ’97 maybe? A friend took me to a bar and they had the game on, so I watched it by default, not so much by choice.

    And I think I got a hole in one once – in mini-golf though. I’ve never played real golf. 🙂

  2. darcknyt Says:

    I’ve never played golf. I have a feeling if it were easy to do the hole-in-one thing, a lot more of it would happen.

    And I like the NFL All-Star game, but it’s rarely a game. They only get serious around the end when the money becomes an issue. I liked it better after the season in Hawaii, when they had all the other stuff the all-pros did, the competitions and stuff. No one wants it between the Championships and Super Bowl; too much risk for the big stars in the big game.

  3. whatigotsofar Says:

    Hole in one doesn’t have to be golf specific. It doesn’t say “Score a hole in one in golf.”
    Are there any other hole in ones in our world?

  4. Bob Says:

    actually i am pretty sure they mean golf. I haven’t shown you the book but it has two pages about golf accompanying the entry.

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