Everything is alright

On sunday I got a lot off my chest.   We both talked, we both talked about plans and such.   We shared a lot.   I told Bobette things that I probably shouldn’t have and didn’t need to.   We talked about girls I use to crush on, we talked about how I have been curious about other girls and in the end, she is still with me.  

I have been getting more texts this week with “XOXO” and she said “I love you” again but this time I was asleep, I was until she opened her mouth then I woke up (but pretended to still be asleep).  

I did something that some of my friends might have considered stupid.   This weekend I gave Bobette a key to my place.   I didn’t consider it a big thing, I had an extra one, I had no use for it so why not offer it to her?   Last week she wanted to surprise me by showing up at basketball.   I thought to myself at the time, I much more welcome surprise would have been if I arrived home and she was there.    In the end, my friends are probably right, it is probably too big a gesture because Bobette has described it as a gesture the same size as those three words that she has said to me.   I disagree…. but whatever.   And no WIGSF, she is not moving in.

So to sum it all up, everything is alright. 

#46: 101 Things to do before I die: Scuba Dive

I could do this, I have had people say “Hey let’s go scuba diving” and I have said no.   Maybe next time I say yes.

7 Responses to “Everything is alright”

  1. whatigotsofar Says:

    Dude, the only thing stopping her from moving in is your ignorance or inability to notice she’s moving in.

  2. whatigotsofar Says:

    How to Know if You are Living with Your Girlfriend

    A girlfriend is deemed to be living with you if she has stayed over a) 10 consecutive nights, b) more than 9 nights in a 3-week period, or c) all the weekends of a given month plus 3 weeknights.

  3. Bob Says:

    None of that is true.

  4. DarcsFalcon Says:

    Hmmm. I’m concerned about the key. Let me ‘splain, okay? Giving her a key is giving her permission to enter your domain anytime she wants without your consent or permission. Right now you’re comfortable with her, but you guys still haven’t even had your 1st fight, so this isn’t … your relationship is still in the “new” phase. What if you become less comfortable over time, because you’ve decided she’s not the one for you? How will you ask for the key back? Will you just change the locks and not tell her?

    I always thought scuba diving, or snorkeling, sounded like fun. I would love to see things like that, underwater things. Next time you get the chance, I say go for it!

  5. Bob Says:

    I understand what you are saying and you do have a point, I probably should draw up some ground rules for the key. Also if I decide she is not for me then I ask for the key back. If that doesn’t work then I change the lock. I assume she will give it back to me if we break up.

  6. DarcsFalcon Says:

    Ground rules are an excellent idea! 😀

  7. DarcKnyt Says:

    Glad everything worked out and I’d love to SCUBA dive. Not sure I can being asthmatic, but I can’t afford it anyway, so meh.

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