My uncle is like “Rain Man”

He doesn’t have the math skills that Rain man did instead he is really good with dates.  You can throw a date at him and he will tell you what day of the week it is and such. 

Yes I know this isn’t a very good blog topic.  It is late in the day and I thought for the period while WIGSF is gone I would try to use some of my un-finished drafts.   This was one of them.  I think when I started it a year ago, I had more to say on the subject, I just didn’t come back to it.   Crap.

#30 “101 things to do before you die”: Stay in the Best Suite in a 5 Star Hotel.

I picked this one not because it has anything to do with my uncle but because this is the kind of thing WIGSF could be doing in New York.   I am not sure if I am interested in completing this one.  I am happy at the Econolodge, I don’t need a nice room.   Who knows maybe the opportunity will present itself at some point but right now, not interested.


4 Responses to “My uncle is like “Rain Man””

  1. DarcKnyt Says:

    Oh, man, I disagree. I stayed on company expense at a Marriott Courtyard once, and while they’re not the top of the line 5-star luxury hotels, they’re a far cry from Motel 6 or Econolodge too, and DANG! The bed was the most comfortable bed I’ve ever slept on, bar none. The food, even the free brunch buffet, was wonderful. And the service was top-notch.

    It’s worth the extra money if you have it. You should try and fulfill this one if you get the shot. 🙂

  2. whatigotsofar Says:

    For the record, I’m staying in a “Wonderful” room which is the second tier room at a hotel with like ten tiers of rooms. The top tier room has a terrace and a pool table and a dining room.
    But I do have a rule, three stars is my minimum now after the cricket fiasco.

  3. DarcsFalcon Says:

    Oh boy, I’d get the 5 star room! I could absolutely love the luxury of it all.

    That’s kind of cool about your uncle. I have a thing for dates and I don’t forget birthdays. But I can’t recall what day of the week a date falls on.

  4. yellowcat Says:

    I used to work with a woman like your uncle. She was absolute Rain Man. She would dazzle us and then go eat leftovers out of the trash.

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