Adventure in babysitting

WIGSF asked me to blog about my babysitting story and now I am.  I thought I would do it while he is away because well… he has heard the story before.   He has actually heard it numerous times.    Here it is:

It was 10 years ago, I was hanging out with my girlfriend while she was babysitting.   I wasn’t suppose to be over and I planned on leaving before the parents came home.   Except they came home early.   We were sitting in the back room listening to some music (I remember it as Jamiroquai).   Heard the front door open.   Our eyes bugged out, I looked for an escape route and ran out the back door (a sliding door) with my girlfriend telling me that their is a door in the wooden fence for me to complete my escape. 

I got out the door and could only see darkness.   I paniced and hid up against the wall of the house.   I could hear voices coming from inside the house.   Minutes passed and I could tell that my girl had left and the parents seemed to still be on the main floor because I could see shadows and light through the glass sliding doors.   At one point, I swear one of them walked up to the door and looked outside.  I held my breath.   A couple of minutes later, the lights shut off on the main floor.   I waited another couple of minutes then decided I had to make my escape.   I still couldn’t see the door that my girlfriend claimed existed on the other side of the yard.  It had to be part of the fence but what part, I am not sure.

I then decided to lay down on the grass and crawl across the yard.  If anyone happens to look out the window I would be less noticeable like this.   I slowly crawled about 15 feet and then I could finally see the door, I hopped up to my feet and ran out the door.   I then started running down the road in my grass stained socks (Did I mention that I had left shoes at the front door?).   My girlfriend drove up a minute later.   She was driving my car and apologizing.  We laughed about the whole thing and the parents were none the wiser.     I will not visit while girlfriends are babysitting.

#71: 101 Things to do before you die: Have Adventurous Sex

Have never done it outside the bedroom.  Not sure what kind of adventurous sex I want to have (I am quite shy) but I am open to ideas.   One I might be interested in is sex on a beach but I don’t know beyond that.


4 Responses to “Adventure in babysitting”

  1. DarcKnyt Says:

    Awesome babysitting story! At least you didn’t get caught having sex with your butts in the air. I’ve heard of THAT before. Yikes.

    And while beaches are fine, not many of them afford opportunities for sex in my experience. There’s not enough room for a mile-high club thing either, IMO, on an airplane, so kudos if you can do that one. But I once did some naughty things with a girl in the women’s department of a clothing store. Not full-on sex, but still.

    Just some … uh … ideas. 😉

  2. DarcsFalcon Says:

    Hahahaha! Typical teenage babysitting story, love it! I can just picture you trying to sneak out of the yard, like some kind of army guy, crawling on your belly. Too funny!

    I used to think sex on a beach sounded awesome too, then I heard all kind of stories about sand in uncomfortable places.

    Keep in mind though, that as a shy person, your idea of adventurous sex is going to be way different that someone who’s into say, the dominant/submissive scene. For you, it might be nothing more than buying your ladylove a French maid’s costume to wear. And that’s totally okay. 🙂

  3. whatigotsofar Says:

    Adventurous sex ideas:
    – while bungee jumping
    – blindfolded like some real kinky pin the tail on the donkey game
    – in the primate exhibit at the zoo
    – use hot sauce as lubricant
    – pretty much anything shown in the movie Bruno

    or… on the pool table in your building

  4. yellowcat Says:

    Don’t listen to WIGSF unless you want to go to the ER. Falcon has the right idea.

    Love the babysitting story. I watch way too many criminal-type shows so I expected the cops to show up and help you find your way out of the yard.

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