Twins with TO

As I said last week, one of my most popular blog posts ever was some post where I posted a picture of twins.   I have wondered if history would repeat itself.   Only one way to find out.   Here is a picture of Terrell Owens with twins.   I think with TO included in this post, this one could really be a winner.

8 Responses to “Twins with TO”

  1. whatigotsofar Says:

    Those women look like they are of different ages. The one on the left looks older. I guess, if they are twins, then the one of the left has had a harder life. And by harder life, I mean she’s the one that gets pounded harder by some biker gang that passes her around like a old bong.

  2. darcknyt Says:

    Speaking just for myself, I think I like the picture better WITHOUT Owens in it.

    Hope it brings ya loads of hits, bud. 🙂

  3. Bob Says:

    I just noticed, I forgot the “101 Things to do Before you die” feature!

    #37: Make fire without matches.

    – My brother went through a pyro stage as a kid. I wouldn’t be surprised if I used a lens of some sort to start a fire. But I think I have to do this again some time to honestly check it off.

  4. whatigotsofar Says:

    Make fire without matches. Yup, don’t that. Called a lighter. I also have a gas stove. That uses an electric spark to ignite natural gas to make fire.

  5. DarcsFalcon Says:

    I think I might like the picture better without TO too, but that’s just me. I wondered if the women were actual twins or just had a similar look to them? Maybe they really are sisters – they both seem to have some kind of rib thing happening. I guess they’d be what’s called “mirror-image” twins. One’s right handed, the other left, etc. They are pretty though. Has it affected your hit count yet?

    Make fire without matches – when I smoked, I just used a lighter. 😉

    • Bob Says:

      hahaha. You guys with your lighters.

      I am not sure if they are real twins. I am not sure if this one will get me tons of hits. I am going to check later in the week. The real question is do I post the other picture I found. It was more provocative but it had less TO. 😉

  6. yellowcat Says:

    Those twins don’t even look alike except for their dresses. I also vote for less TO.

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