Breakfast in Niagara Falls

We didn’t go to IHOP.   The IHOP was actually between our hotel and our friends hotel but in the end, there was a $6.99 breakfast buffet even closer to our hotel.    The way I looked at it, we couldn’t turn that down.  

When we got there, it was tough to get a table big enough for all 7 of us.    Since only 5 of us were there, we stuck with a 5 person table and hoped the others got there soon.    They did not.   Instead of following our directions they tried using a GPS that led them in the opposite direction.   

Any ways, the food was good they had french toast, muffins, bacon, sausage, eggs, etc.   But we found out how the place makes its money.    The charge more for drinks (e.g. Orange juice $3.75).    They also have another practice that might be illegal, they will not serve tap water.   It is bottle water or nothing.    I went with the latter since I had a bottle in the car and wasn’t thirsty.  

When we left the buffet place, I saw off in the distance a $5.99 breakfast buffet.   I joked that we should go there next time, somebody joked that the drinks are probably $5.00 each there.  

That was our second buffet in the last 24 hrs, we went to a different buffet the night before.    $23 buffet that wasn’t very good.   It was in the casino.   

#19 “101 Things to do Before you die”  Master Poker and Win Big at the casino

– A couple of years ago I played a lot of poker with my baseball team.   We stopped frequenting that bar and I have since pretty much stopped playing poker.   I don’t think I will be able to master it let alone get confident enough to play it at a casino.

6 Responses to “Breakfast in Niagara Falls”

  1. whatigotsofar Says:

    Everything in the falls is expensive.

    But buffet food. Yuck! So, how does snot taste?

    • Bob Says:

      I don’t understand the snot question.

      • whatigotsofar Says:

        Children picking their noses then poking at the food. Buffet antics and the like.
        Children pick up bacon and eggs with their hands? I am not sure where you are getting these “buffet antics” from. I think there is a better chance that cooks and waiters can give you germs than little kids giving you germs at a buffet.

  2. DarcKnyt Says:

    I disagree with WIGSF … AGAIN. I enjoy buffets quite a bit. This one sounds kind of interesting. Too bad about the drink prices, but I’ve heard of that bottled or nothing water thing in places where rationing is enforced.

    Sounds like the $5.99 buffet will be another adventure!

  3. DarcsFalcon Says:

    I think buffet’s are hit or miss. Sometimes you can find a real gem, but the one around here – Old Country Buffet – is a miss, in my opinion. I would like to try that Golden Corral though.

    I still don’t know how to play poker. And really have no desire to learn, LOL. All I know is this one little ditty, goes like this: Ace-y, deuc-y, 1 eyed Jack, suicide king and bedpost queen – those are the wild cards.

  4. yellowcat Says:

    I’m not big on buffets. I frequently find food on our salad bar that someone has taken a bite out of and put back. Breakfast buffets usually have powdered eggs which are disgusting. Unless someone from the restaurant is standing at the buffet supervising the other customers, I don’t eat off the buffet.

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