Tarot card reading

On sunday night, Bobette’s Janet (I won’t use the short form since it was mis-interpeted by WIGSF) did some tarot card readings.   I had heard about how she could do it and wanted her to do me.   She told me to have a question I want answered but to not tell her what it is.    They would assume that i would ask a question about Bobette but I asked about my job.   I picked out 10 cards and the first few described my job situation pretty well.   The last couple told me everything would be alright but did warn me that I might need to take a risk in my work to achieve my goals.   I am not sure what kind of risk I can take but I am going to start looking for the opportunity.   I need my job to be permanent.   I need benefits.

More books I have NOT read:

The Magic Porridge Pot – Anon

Le Grand Meaulnes – Alain Fournier

Kes (A Kestrel for a Knave) – Barry Hines

The Master and Margarita – Mikhail Bulgakov

Mr. Tickle – Roger Hargreaves

The Ragged Trousered Philantropists – Robert Tressell

9 Responses to “Tarot card reading”

  1. DarcsFalcon Says:

    Benefits are awesome when you can get them!

    I haven’t read any of those books either. Do you have an account over on Shelfari.com, to list books you’ve read or would like to read? It’s pretty cool there. 🙂

    Hey, what about BsJ?

  2. Rock Chef Says:

    Amazing how Tarot tends to work. My wife does it from time to time.

    You have never read Mr Tickle?????!!???

  3. whatigotsofar Says:

    Did you learn nothing in that sissy school of yours? Tarot cards are for witches.

  4. DarcKnyt Says:

    Interesting books on your last couple of posts. I haven’t read most of them either. Are you planning to tackle some of them or is it just an interesting thing to examine and see how you’re doing on your own (which is how I take it)?

    • Bob Says:

      Well there is no description for the books. Some of them, the titles sounds weird and make me think about looking for them at the library after I finish my King marathon read.

  5. DarcsFalcon Says:

    “The only way to defeat evil is to stand up to evil. Letting evil alone only creates more evil.”

    That’s one of the reasons I love you so much, WIGSF. You’re a young man of principle who knows right from wrong. 🙂

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