This Week in Slo-pitch

Friday we faced the best team in the league and we lost but we didn’t lose by a lot.   We made a lot of mental errors.   I did some stupid things at the plate myself.

On sunday, our pitcher couldn’t hit the plate in the first inning and they scored the limit in the 1st.   After that inning, my brother volunteered to pitch.   He actually pitched pretty well.   Problem is that he is our best fielder.   If we were facing a better team they would have killed the holes in our D.   Hell even with him out there teams kill the holes in our D.   It is pretty discouraging.   Next week we face the only other team that hasn’t won a game.   It will not be an easy game but it would be awesome if we could win a game.

Last night, we played the two top teams in our weekday league.   Our pitching wasn’t perfect and our infield still needs some work.    While our bats were good in the first game, we still lost 19-16.   The second game wasn’t as close.  Two more losses.   Next week we need to get back in the win column.  

#69 “101 Things to do before you die”  In Various Languages, Learn to…

1) Say Hello, Goodbye, Please and Thank You

2) Order Beer

3) Swear

4) Insults

– Now this one I can handle.   Don’t need to know a full language, just the basics.   This kind of information can also be very helpful when travelling.   I already know a bit of this.   I think I can handle French, Italian, Chinese and maybe one more language for this one.

3 Responses to “This Week in Slo-pitch”

  1. whatigotsofar Says:

    In Italian:

    – hello = ciao
    – goodbye = ciao
    – thank you = [nobody knows, Italians are too rude to say thank you]

    ordering a beer = Heinekin [that works most places, except Holland, don’t ask me why]

    [telling somebody off]
    go to Naples = va Napoli [makes no sense to me, but I’ve never been Naples, so…]

    catch flies = catturo le mosche [???]

  2. DarcsFalcon Says:

    I’m sorry about your losses. Hopefully next games will be winners. 🙂

    I know how to swear a bit in sign language. 😀

  3. DarcKnyt Says:

    There is one hand signal you can use which is UNIVERSALLY understood to tell someone off. 😉

    Always good to know how to call someone an a$$hole in his native language. More impact that way — shows you care. 😀


    hello = “hola” (“h” is silent)
    goodbye = “adios”
    please = “por favor” (pronounced “fah-VOR”)
    thank you = “gracias”
    a$$hole = “cabron” (pronounced “cah-BRONE”) (I THINK that’s the word)

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