Law and Order News

I was bored on sunday night and turned on the TV and could tell from the music that i was hearing that I was watching some version of Law and Order.   I decided to sit and watch the show.   I was surprised with what I saw.   It was Criminal intent and the only character I recognized was Jeff Goldblum’s character.   They had some british actress pretending to be an American detective.   They also had Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio playing the captain (Man she is getting old!).    I decided to check on what episode I was watching so that I can find out what happened to the Armenian captain.  

I found out that there was a two-parter to start the season that ended up with the captain leaving the show and also Eames and Goren have left the show for good!   That means Jeff Goldblum all the time.    That is weird.    I was never a fan of Goren but it is sad to see that not only has Law and Order: Prime ended but CI is pretty much over too.   It truly is the end of an era.

Now after saying all that, I saw a quick promo for L&O: LA.   Here it is:

#17 "101 Things to do Before you die" Own a pointless collection

- For this one, I have many options.   I have a huge and pointless comic book collection.   I have a pog collection.   overpower card collection.   I have a full set of the DC Superpowers toys from the 80s.   I even kept some movie ticket stubs from the late 90s and early 00s.   Lots of pointless collections.  

8 Responses to “Law and Order News”

  1. whatigotsofar Says:

    As long as you acknowledge the pointless of your comic book collection.

  2. DarcsFalcon Says:

    IS CI the one with D’onofrio and Jayne Mansfield’s daughter? Hargitay or something like that? They’re gone now? Wow. I heard Goldblum was doing one of the L&O’s now.

    Pointless collections are fun, aren’t they?

  3. Bob Says:

    Jayne Mansfield’s daughter is on “Special Victims Unit” and D’Onofrio WAS on “Criminal Intent”. He is one of the actors who left. I think I was the one who told you about Goldblum last year when I blogged about it.

  4. yellowcat Says:

    Aren’t most collections pointless?

  5. DarcKnyt Says:

    I think collecting anything but money is sorta pointless, but you’ve nailed this one cold. 🙂

    Goldblum on TV, eh? Interesting. I remember you talking about this last year, but I thought he was only a guest once in a while. Now he’s the central guy, eh? Weird.

    Boy, has HIS career tanked. Although look what the CSI:NY show did for Gary Sinise. Who knows?

    • Bob Says:

      There is a big difference between being the lead on a CSI show and being the lead on the 3rd L&O show. Hell NBC doesn’t even air the first run episodes of Criminal Intent. They let the USA network air them first. Unless Goldblum put on the performance of his life and got some awards for it, the move will not help his career that much.

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