Dis and Dat

– My laptop keyboard is fucked some letters don’t type the first time.   It has made blogging a little bit challenging.   I need to read everything over and over again.   Expect more “spelling” errors.

– Oliver has decided he likes getting in the fridge.   I tried discouraging him by actually letting him get in and closing the door for 10 seconds.    He was still happy when I opened the door.

– I am going away for the long weekend.   Going up north camping.

– Monkeys won both games on wednesday.   We now have won 3 in a row and have beaten all the top teams in the division.

– Oliver played with a toliet paper roll.   He pulled the whole roll down to the floor.  

– Been playing basketball this week as an emergency player. 

– Columbia was suppose to take the bar this week in New York.   I have no idea how it has gone but I figure we will find out next week.

#84 “101 Things to do before you die”  Sell all your Junk on eBay and Make a profit

– I think I blogged about this one before too but I can’t find a record of it.   I have a lot of junk, I don’t want to sell all of it but I am willing to sell some of it.


3 Responses to “Dis and Dat”

  1. whatigotsofar Says:

    So when you emailed me talking about your “pens being stucked in the pencil sharpener” you were actually talking about your penis. EEEEEWWWWW!

  2. DarcKnyt Says:

    Try turning the laptop upside down and shaking it to see if a crumb or something has blocked the keys. Unless you know that’s not the case. You can also pop the keys off — it’s pretty easy with most laptops — and clean the contacts to see if that helps.

    Congrats on the Monkey-win and have a great weekend camping!

  3. DarcsFalcon Says:

    I hate the stuck key syndrome! I had that on one of our desktop keyboards.

    Cats love refrigerators. It’s the dryer they can’t stand.

    I thought it took like a couple of months to get bar results? Hmm. Maybe that was an 80’s thing.

    I think garage sales are better than eBay – no shipping! And whatever doesn’t get sold can get donated to a charity or tossed into a dumpster at the end of the day, and you don’t have to take individual pictures or make separate pages for all your stuff either. 🙂

    Have a great campout! Don’t forget the stuff for S’Mores. 😉

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