Horrible Waitress

A week ago, after a baseball tournament, a bunch of us went to Denny’s for a late breakfast.   As our server was bringing tea and coffee, she warned us that she has been known to spill stuff and she might need room when pouring drinks for us and such.

After she left the table we looked at each other with “WTF” all on our faces.   We couldn’t believe she said that.   Later on, I was in the middle of a story when I saw her walk behind the guy I was telling the story too.   She stopped behind him and while talking to another table she poured out most of the hot water from the tea pot she was bringing to another table.    My story paused while I watched the water pour out.    I explained to the guy afterwards why my story paused.   I wasn’t the only one to witness that incident.    That was when we knew this girl wasn’t kidding about spilling stuff.

As we were paying the bill.  Our table had gotten some separate checks.   She was waiting for one of my friends to finish signing his bill.   While she was waiting she was holding a chocolate milk for somebody else’s table.    I watched the milk get close to the edge of spilling then not.   This went on for 30 seconds until finally, she spilled the milk on her hands.   I was hoping the milk would spill on my friend so that I could laugh at him.   She didn’t lose any tips because of her problems but if I go to that location again, I doubt she will still be employed there. 

#99 “101 Things to do before you die”  Confess

– This is another one that I thought I blogged about before.   I will confess this, I am happy that I am finished with the book.   I am not sure what I am going to replace it with.   I am thinking with a video game related entry and maybe something birthday related… that is until the new TV season begins.   I guess we will fnd out tomorrow what I decide to replace it with.


4 Responses to “Horrible Waitress”

  1. whatigotsofar Says:

    Dude, confess. And not for that. You know what I’m talking about. You know what you did. Confess now and your soul will be saved!

  2. DarcsFalcon Says:

    A waitress “known to spill”? LOL Yeah, that’s not going to last long!

    Didn’t you see the links I gave you, just around the time you went on vacation, of all the list stuff you could use? Tons of stuff out there, if you like the list format. And tons of “101” lists too. 🙂

  3. yellowcat Says:

    I don’t spill, I slop. Beer, water, sodas. On the floor and down my legs. In my shoes and on my hands. I don’t care and the customers don’t notice.

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