Patrick John Flueger

Cal West

I first remember seeing this guy on the sci-fi TV show “The 4400”.  He is now on a new ABC show airing this summer called “Scoundrels”.   The show is about a family that operates on the wrong side of the law.   They have twin sons in their 20s.  Patrick plays both roles.  I know that soaps sometimes have story arcs with evil twins and such but this show is written with both roles as permanent main characters.   Here is what Patrick had to say about the opportunity:

“It’s quite the opportunity to be twenty-six and have this kind of challenge set in front of me. Usually I could play the lawyer or I could play Cal, whoever he is. But I get to play both which is kind of– excuse my language– but a complete mindf*ck. And it’s also the most fun I’ve ever had in front of the camera– ever.”

It is funny how they shot the whole thing.   Whenever the two characters are in the same room, they never have them standing beside each other.  The have to use the body doubles a lot.  Also you can see the stupid wig they have on him when he plays the one brother.   Have you heard of a show doing something like this before?

6 Responses to “Patrick John Flueger”

  1. whatigotsofar Says:

    On Family Matters, many people in Steve Urkel’s family were played by Jaleel White (it scares me that I know the guy’s name), even the women. I don’t recall them ever sharing the screen though.

    On Friends, Lisa Kudrow frequently played Phoebe’s twin sister Ursula. And David Schwimmer, in one episode, played a Ross lookalike named Russ.

    On HIMYM, all of the doppelgangers: Lesbian Robin, Stripper Lily, Mexican Wrestler Ted and I know Jason Segal has briefly played other characters in funny wigs and such in the Not a Father’s Day episode. (What was Marshall’s doppelganger? I don’t remember. Please remind me or this will be bothering me all effing day long.)

  2. Bob Says:

    Ursula almost counts but none of the others do. We are talking about if Ross and Chandler were played by the same actor. We are talking about two main characters being played by the same actor.

  3. DarcKnyt Says:

    I’ve never seen a TV show try to carry this off with central characters. Shooting must be a nightmare from a scheduling standpoint. But — if they want to do it, it certainly is ambitious.

    I’ve only seen this done in one-offs like WIGSF showed, and in movies. Lamest movie to try this IMO: Double Impact with JCVD. UGH. Lame.

  4. DarcsFalcon Says:

    The Patty Duke Show, early 60s. She played both herself and her identical cousin. She was just a kid herself when she did this show too. Quite the actress!

    You can read about it here ( ) – the user comments will give you a better idea of the show. 🙂

  5. yellowcat Says:

    I thought his name was a joke. I read the title and was all set to laugh. Bummer.

  6. Bob Says:

    it seems this blog came too late. Only 8 episodes were made and it seems they have all aired. Poor ratings means ABC isn’t ordering any more episodes. You can’t even watch the silliness on tv.

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