Back to the Resolutions

One of my Resolutions was:

“1.  Finish three things from WIGSF’s list of things to do.”

This is an updated look at his list from almost 2 years ago:

I am not sure what he has accomplished over the last two years but I have picked out two things from the list that I want to help him wit:

9. Try out that remote control helicopter I have collecting dust in my basement.

11. Tie a half windsor knot in a tie in under 60 seconds.

I could use help with #11 myself.   Also speaking about #7, I think he has achieved that one with the cookie pitcher from the weekend.   What do all of you think?   Also who else wants an update on his list?


3 Responses to “Back to the Resolutions”

  1. whatigotsofar Says:

    Hmm… Lemme check out my list a bit…

    1. I have more clothes I can give to charity.
    2. I’ve gained a few inches on my waist. Last summer was really chicken-centric and I haven’t turned the tide quite yet.
    3. Still have some movies I should get rid of.
    4. Bob did that one by himself.
    5. Still can’t finish a book that doesn’t have pictures.
    6. Probably should just clean it first.
    7. Still a goblin, just a fatter goblin.
    8. Currently only have 1.07 in change. I think that’s pretty good.
    9. The only time I see the copter is when I’m indoors and if I’m indoors, it’s because I don’t want to be outdoors.
    10. I finally took one. I’m getting close to the point where I might need another one.
    11. I’m all thumbs.
    12. Nobody seems to be taking my lead.
    13. Done.
    14. We seem to be avoiding each other.
    15. Got ’em all on DVD and watched ’em too.

  2. Bob Says:

    So according to your re-assessment, the following still needs to be completed:

    1. Go for it! We can reach 50% completed by the time your birthday comes around.
    2. We should hit the gym together!
    3. I will take those movies off your hands. Problem solved!
    5. I am having trouble with this myself.
    6. I am willing to help with this one but i understand you might want to do this privately.
    7. You don’t think you took good pictures at Juice’s wedding? What about the cookie picture?
    9. Bring out the copter on the long weekend.
    11. Let’s work on it. Maybe on the long weekend!
    12. Whenever I wear the same clothes as you, you get pissed. Sorry I can’t wear red around you.
    14. I think you need to give up on this one.

  3. DarcsFalcon Says:

    I kind of remember that list – nice to see the update!

    It was so funny – after reading your post, Darc went and got a tie from the closet to see if he could do a half Windsor. 40 seconds flat, no mirror! 😀

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