Dis and Dat

– Missed blogging yesterday.   Once again the firewalls at work have gotten the best of me. 

– My chinese food restaurant that is upstairs at the mall across the street from my work.   I went in there yesterday and enjoyed the meal.   I also noticed some cheaper alternatives on the menu that might make me return there someone soon.

– I watched the movie “Legion” last night.   It wasn’t as bad a movie as I thought it would be.  

– I bought my own bat.   No more relying on my brother’s bats.  

Bob’s New Year’s Resolutions:

“8. Take more pictures.”

– I have taken more but they have all been on my phone.   I haven’t really done anything with them.   I need to get them off the phone and on to the computer.   Man I am doing well overall with these resolutions.


8 Responses to “Dis and Dat”

  1. DarcsFalcon Says:

    What was Legion about? It sounds familiar.

    I’m bad about taking pictures too. Our camera saves to a floppy disk and of course, there isn’t a floppy drive on any of our computers, so I had to get an external floppy several years ago, but it’s a pain.

    Speaking of phones, did you know you can phone in your blog post? When you get a chance, you can probably find the info on how to do that on the WP front page or something … wait, I’ll find you the link …


    There are also other links in that article about other ways to post, that might be more what you’re looking for. Don’t know if you want to do a voice post. But you can email a post in too, and I don’t know if you have an iPhone or Blackberry.


  2. DarcsFalcon Says:

    My other comment went into your spam folder!

  3. DarcKnyt Says:

    Our local Chinese restaurant (delivery rocks) raised their prices recently. It’s getting too expensive to have it anymore. 😦 Glad to see someone’s remembering we’re all broke! 😀

  4. whatigotsofar Says:

    The bat: fruit, brown, vampire, baseball or man?

  5. yellowcat Says:

    I’ve started taking pictures of inappropriate things on my cellphone. I have a picture of a man about my age striking a pose…with his big, fat gut hanging out from under his shirt. It won’t win me any prizes, but it makes me laugh.

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