Dis and Dat

– Oliver was nutured yesterday.   He is a conehead today.   While he is healing, he is staying with Bobette.   That means I have Charlotte here with me.  

– My car stalled during rush hour, one km short of my condo.   My brother helped me push it out of traffic.   Also had a couple of guys come out of the local bar to help.   One of them happened to be my friends Dad.    It was a funny coincidence.    It is still in the shop right now.    Going to cost me a lot to get it fixed.   This car is getting annoying.

– Leafs won their first game last night.    Good for them, it was especially cool because a couple of journeymen who barely made the team scored goals.   So when is the parade?  😉

– Speaking of parades, the Raptors have started their pre-season, they murdered the Phoenix Suns.   Beat them by 50 points.   Impressive defence and surprisingly they still remembered how to score without Bosh.

– One last sports story, one of the biggest ones from the week.   Are you having a good Doctober?   Halladay was amazing in his first playoff game.   I started watching 4 innings in and when I saw what was happening I couldn’t stop watching.   It is great that the rest of the US is finally learning how amazing he truly is.  

– This weekend is the Canadian Thanksgiving.   Good Turkey day everyone, don’t eat too much!    I am going to try not to!


7 Responses to “Dis and Dat”

  1. whatigotsofar Says:

    – You monster!!! How dare you violate your cat’s manhood?

    – Have you ever had good luck with a car? Or is it simply a situation where you just aren’t taking proper care of your car?

    – The Leafs barely beat the team with the worst goalie in the league and was missing their two top players. I say book the parade for some time next century.

    – Hmmm… pre-season basketball. Dude, there’s better competition in the Vegas summer league.

    – Do you think Brandon Phillips purposely dropped his bat next to the ball to screw up the defense?

    • Bob Says:

      – I have had luck with certain cars. This case has nothing to do with my proper care but a part of me thinks the cause of it is that the mechanic when he worked on it last year, didn’t put it back together properly. Took a year for me to find out.

      – Steve Nash, Grant Hill, Robin Lopez, the three names I listed are NBA players. They played in the game and got whacked. They would not show their faces in summer league.

      – Brandon Phillips didn’t think to himself, “I am going to drop the bat in the way”. It was just an instinct. I don’t think he had enough time to think it.

  2. yellowcat Says:

    Cats seem to know who was responsible for the neutering. The resentment dies down eventually.

    • Bob Says:

      what? This is news to me!

      Well… Bobette is the one who brought him in and picked him up from the vet, so I am guessing she is going to get the blame on this one.

    • whatigotsofar Says:

      Unlike cats, Bob seems to show no resentment to the person who had him neutered.

  3. DarcKnyt Says:

    Hopefully, Oliver will associate the neutering with Bobette and hold HER to blame, ’cause — yeah, they blame. They remember. Female animals take the spaying process less personally for some reason, but males being neutered? Oh, they remember. They do.

    I feel for you on that car crap, dude. I sure hope it gets you through the winter or you can get a better one. Car troubles blow.

  4. DarcsFalcon Says:

    Oh poor Oliver! No Oliver-babies in his future, he’ll never be a father now! lol

    Didn’t you just have to pay a lot of money for car repairs a few months ago? I thought you just got your car done like in the Spring or something. I hope it all gets worked out soon, and at as small a cost as possible.

    And Happy Thanksgiving! 🙂

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