LONG Weekend Recap


Bob – I met WIGSF for dinner at Duff’s Wings.   I have wanted to go to a Duff’s location for awhile now and I was very happy to see that a location opened up near my place.    We ate dinner while watching baseball.   The food was good but I think the place is over-hyped.   Not that many wing flavours and the portion for the prices…. also didn’t interest me.    Afterwards, I invited WIGSF to come upstairs and watch more baseball and maybe play a video game or something but he declined.    Instead I had a fantasy basketball draft which I think went pretty well.   I got a bunch of my sleepers and stuck to my draft strategy.    I also watched the movie, “Get him to the Greek” while I did the draft.   Funny movie but nothing special.

WIGSF – Went to Duff’s with Bob.  Chicken fingers were good but nothing special.   What the place did have was this juice that WIGSF hasn’t had since he was a kid.    When he saw it on the menu his eyes lit up.   He ordered a medium glass of it just incase it wasn’t the same.    It was and he loved it.   This drink is not usually available in Canada.   I wish I could remember its name, I am going to call it Dingleberry.    After dinner, WIGSF decided to drop off Bob and go meet up with a different friend at their place.    They watched a movie.


Bob – I went up north to my parents place up there.   My brother and I helped with chores, we had a small Thanksgiving dinner and then we came home.    I went down to Bobette’s place and finally saw Oliver post-surgery.    He was so happy to see me.    He doesn’t seem to be holding the surgery against either one of us!

WIGSF –  WIGSF went to work in the morning.   He didn’t want to but his boss really wanted him to finish up some stuff in the office.   In the evening they had dinner at home.  WIGSF brought a surprise to the dinner (remember when he teased us with this surprise in his last blog?), the surprise was that he had an orangutan!   I am not sure where he had gotten it from but everyone loved the monkey (who doesn’t love a monkey?) and it was the hit of their dinner party.    WIGSF was happy that his orangutan was accepted by his family.  


Bob – Slept in, watched football.   Went to Bobette’s grandparents place for thanksgiving dinner.   Some good food was had there.    Also saw a commercial for Dairy Queen that both WIGSF and I would be very interested in…. if it wasn’t an American commercial. 

WIGSF – Went to the book store with his Mom.   They talked about his life goals.   In the evening he watched the Simpsons and watched the Braves lose in exciting fashion.  


Bob – Went to my Grandparents place for Thanksgiving Dinner.   Watched the Vikings lose on MNF.   Although there were some encouraging signs.   Also took my car back to the mechanic.   The check engine light is back on already!   They must not have put everything back together properly.

WIGSF – Did some laundry, cleaned up around the house (the orangutan makes a big mess and WIGSF has not trained it to clean up the house yet) and then went out with a friend in the evening.


5 Responses to “LONG Weekend Recap”

  1. whatigotsofar Says:

    WIGSF’s Weekend – Friday – Loganberry. The juice was loganberry. Think what if Wolverine was a berry. Not dingleberry. After dinner with Bob, I met up with another friend with whom Bob really really wants to meet in an uninebriated state. With my friend, we made some cookies. Ginger oatmeal. Well, most of the work was done by the time I got there. The cookies just needed to be rolled into balls and baked.

    Saturday – No work. I went to the ROM to see among other usual museum stuff, the Chinese terracotta warrior exhibit. The exhibit was a bit lacking. It could have been better. I wanted to see more warriors. There was only four of them. For dinner, I ended up at Dante’s. There was a monkey at one point. I was given a sock monkey that I then named Kookamungus.

    Sunday – Yes, went to the bookstore with my mother. Bought a keychain that meows and a CD (spoken word cancon). Went for dinner with the Wonder Twins. Didn’t watch any of the baseball playoffs.

    Monday – I work Mondays. Doesn’t everybody?

  2. Bob Says:

    I forgot about the Wonder Twins! can’t believe how stupid I am! I was so close!

  3. DarcKnyt Says:

    That sounds like a pretty kick-ass Thanksgiving weekend. As you may know, ours falls on the last Thursday in November, and generally (but not always as I found out in 2008) provides a 4-day weekend.

    ‘Course, I’ve been on a 730-day weekend, but still… I look forward to it every year. Bummer about the Vikes too; wanted ’em to beat them dadgummed Jets. But Randy had his TD and his 20+ypc. I’ll miss the heck out of him.

  4. DarcsFalcon Says:

    I love how you do these, trying to fill in for WIGSF as well as providing all the fun stuff you do.

    I’m glad Oliver isn’t holding it against you. Just so you know, what Ollie had removed is what I call dingleberries. 😉 And for people too. That’s also what those little fuzzy balls that hang down in some cars from the 70s are called, the ones that have been specially decorated. (no, not the dice) We used to see them all the time when I was a kid in California back then, but they may not have been as common up where you are.

    Does WIGSF’s orangutan have a name and is she pretty?

    Do you do anything different for Thanksgiving than what Americans do? Like, is turkey the main meat, and pumpkin pie and cranberry sauce, and sweet potatoes?

    I’m glad you had a nice weekend. 🙂

  5. Bob Says:

    Same food, turkey, pumpkin pie and stuffing.

    Who said the orangutan was a she? It is a he and his name is “Spank”. I don’t think he would be what you would describe as “pretty”. WIGSF can correct me on some of this if I am wrong.

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