Yahoo Headlines

I read some surprising Yahoo headlines this morning.   First one is about McDonalds food.   This woman bought a burger and fries and then put it on a bookcase for six months.   Every week, she took a picture of the combo and in the end, there has been no changes to it.   No mold, no smell, no decomp.   They are hard as a rock now but looking at the picture, you can’t tell anything is up.   Check out the article:

This next article I read last night.   According to the following story, Michael J. Fox was not the original Marty McFly.    Eric Stoltz was originally casted in the role and they filmed for 5 weeks before they decided to make a change.   It was funny while I was reading this article, I watched some TV and Eric Stoltz happened to direct the episode I was watching at that moment.   Kind of random.    Follow the link for the full story and some footage:


3 Responses to “Yahoo Headlines”

  1. whatigotsofar Says:

    I knew somebody else was originally cast of Marty McFly and Michael J. Fox was brought in mid-shoot, but I didn’t remember or didn’t know who was the original actor.

    As for the McDonald’s food, I’m reassured that the food is good when I order it because if it doesn’t go bad in six months, it will be just fine when I order it fresh.

  2. DarcsFalcon Says:

    So that’s why I’ve seen some pictures of Happy Meals around the web. I dunno. Maybe I’ll try the experiment myself. I’ve found the stray fry that fell under the table and it gets hard as a rock in really a day or 2, but my kids don’t eat burgers. (I know! Sometimes I’m not sure they’re mine.) I can’t imagine the bun wouldn’t get moldy. Maybe she staged the pictures?

    I had NO idea that MJF wasn’t the original Marty! That was a new one for me.

  3. DarcKnyt Says:

    That Stoltz article is trippy. I wonder how many other times that happens?

    On an unrelated/related note, Jason Bourne will NOT be in the next Jason Bourne movie called Bourne Legacy. Very strange to have a movie without the titular character in it.

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