Wing News

I have had too much chicken wings lately.   But because of this, I can tell you all sorts of news on chicken wing restaurants.  

– Wild Wings has changed their menus again.   This time there are no new menu items but they took the wing flavour section, made the font smaller (need glasses to read flavours) and fit all of them on one page.   Would be quite annoying for me if I didn’t order “Sweet Escape” every time.    Also on a related note, I think they are giving even smaller portions on the pizza stix.  

– Went to So-Gos out in the east end.   They also changed their menu slightly.   The wing flavours are no longer on a separate menu.   It is all the same thing now.    But the big news is that they have changed all the booths.   They are no longer “c” shaped.   It is now just a normal booth with people facing each other.   I liked being on the inside of the old booths, made it easier to watch sports.   I think they also changed the bar like table in the middle of the room.   It use to have lights on it and it no longer does.

– I saw a new wing establishment on the way home last week.   It is called “Crazy Wings”.   Here is a website with a picture of it from outside:

With Karaoke right there, I can see this as a place that the Twins will want to try sometime soon.

– I was reading the Puck’n’Wings website and they have 6 new location opening: Whitby, Ajax, Aurora, Vaughan, Toronto and some other place I don’t remember.

Now a quick aside.   I know I have missed the last couple of days.   Once again the office doesn’t allow me to post at work.   Stupid firewalls.   I will get a weekend recap done either tonight of tomorrow morning.


7 Responses to “Wing News”

  1. wigsf Says:

    I heard about this place in San Jose that has a super hot chicken wing. This chicken wing comes with a challenge. All wings must be eaten in ten minutes and fingers MUST be licked clean. No beverage can be consumed after touching the first wing. No napkins can be used after touching the first wing. If completed (including the licking of fingers) in ten minutes. The timer is reset to five minutes. The challenger must wait five minutes before drinking anything, wiping hands and face and washing up. Successful completion grants the challenger a t-shirt and a name on a wall of fame.

  2. wigsf Says:

    I took a look at the storefront pic of Crazy Wings. Taking a peek at wedding dresses, eh? Don’t get any ideas. You can’t wear white.

  3. DarcKnyt Says:

    So many wing places! So little time … and money, of course. How to try them all?!

    I miss being able to go out to eat. *Sigh*

    Bummer about the firewall. AGAIN. Sheesh. Wish they’d make up their minds, huh? 😉

  4. DarcsFalcon Says:

    What is it with your work and firewalls? All kinds of craziness there.

    Sounds like you are the wing connoisseur of Toronto! I had no idea there were that many stand along wings places. To me, it was always pretty much an appetizer you could get at most restaurants. Now they are a business unique unto themselves.

    • wigsf Says:

      The chicken wing achieved notoriety in Buffalo NY, hence buffalo wings. The nearest big city to Buffalo is Toronto. In the past twenty years or so, the Toronto area has really grown and spread. Franchises have been able to pop up in ridiculous amounts.
      Also, there are 82 games in a hockey season compared to 16 games in the football season. That’s 66 more visits to a sports bar.

    • Bob Says:

      I have never really had wings as an app at a restaurant.

  5. yellowcat Says:

    I’m not a big fan of wings. To me, they are a lot of work for very little food.

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