The Raptors season begins tonight!

The NBA season started last night and the all-new Miami Heat laid an egg.   I hope Bosh enjoyed sucking on national TV.   The Raptors move on tonight when they open their season against the New York Knicks (who are welcoming Amare and Felton to their team).   Their first home game is friday, I am going to it.   I am excited about this season.   Expectations are low for the team but that is what makes it so fun.   If they completely suck then they get a great pick in the draft.   If they exceed expectations then it is exciting!   The unknown makes it intriguing.    One new player that I find really intriguing is Linas Kleiza.   He seems to score with such ease.   It will be fun to see what he can do in his return to the NBA!

I watched part of the Laker game last night.  If they stay healthy I think they are going to win the championship again.   Although Kobe could start slowing down soon.   That will be something to watch.


One Response to “The Raptors season begins tonight!”

  1. DarcsFalcon Says:

    Bball has started already? Wow! I thought they didn’t go until Nov!

    I hope you have a blast tomorrow night! Woo! Get pics! 🙂

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