Eating in Detroit

I spent saturday night and most of sunday in Detroit.   While there I ate a lot.   For dinner saturday night I told my family that I would go anywhere except for an Italian place.   We ended up at Buffalo Wild Wings.   I knew i had to try the wings but they had a “Stacked Burgers” promotion going on and there was something called a “Juicy Steak” that sounded too good to pass up.   So I got 6 wings and the sandwich.   Here is what was on the sandwich:

The one on the left is the "Juicy Steak"!


– Two onion rings

– Two burger patties

– Two slices of cheese

– Honey garlic sauce

– Chopped up pieces of steak.

I left the restaurant happy with my choice but at the same time, saddened by the fact that I wasn’t going to have any country style gravy on my trip.   

The next morning I went to the lobby of my hotel for breakfast.   I was expecting a bagel and cereal, that kind of boring thing.   I found eggs, potatoes, sausage rounds, a waffle maker and country style gravy!!!    I had two great portions of the sausage with the gravy and even had a freshly made waffle with chocolate chips on it.  

At the football game we had “All you can eat tickets”.   The food did not compare to what I had ate over the last 24 hours but I still had a couple of burgers, popcorn, fries and two good soft pretzels. 

That is what I ate while in Detroit.


5 Responses to “Eating in Detroit”

  1. DarcKnyt Says:

    Bob! Welcome back, my boy! I’m so glad to see you blogging again! Although, truth be told, I missed your Merry Christmas post because of trouble getting online. Sorry about that.

    But that burger sounds AWESOME, dude. I gotta try one soon.

    This year, however, is going to be MY YEAR to dump weight. A LOT of weight. So I can’t indulge just yet. Still, you made me hungry with your post. Sounds like a great weekend of food. 🙂

    Good to see you, man! God bless!

  2. wigsf Says:

    Holy shit dude. I feel sorry for the toilet in your hotel afterwards.

  3. DarcsFalcon Says:

    Ooh, that honey garlic sauce sounds really appealing! The whole burger in general sounds good, and you got your country gravy too, bonus score! Woo!

    It’s so good to see you! I hope you’re back in the groove here and that you’ve had a fantastic New Year so far. 🙂

  4. yellowcat Says:

    Did you stop blogging for a while? Suddenly you’re back on my reader. I’ve missed you.

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