Raonic and Vernon

I am watching some kid from the city just south of me kick some major ass in Australia.   He is only 20 years old and is beating the #6 seed right now.   Hopefully he can move on in this tournament and have more victories in the future!   I think I have my new favourite tennis player!

Longtime Jay, Vernon Wells was traded this weekend.  I like Vernon, he was a great citizen and was probably out in the community here in Canada when he heard about this trade.   BUT I love this trade.   Forget the financials, I think that the catcher Napoli can out-perform Vernon next season.   We got another useful player in the trade too!   The Jays GM keeps hitting home runs.    Let the rebuild continue!


6 Responses to “Raonic and Vernon”

  1. DarcsFalcon Says:

    Sounds like a decent sports weekend for you. 🙂

  2. wigsf Says:

    The Jays GM has been a bit of an under-performer. He hasn’t done much other than keep the Jays spinning their wheels in that ugly middle ground.

    • Bob Says:

      He has only been the GM for about 15 months, he has made the team younger and has gotten rid of there big contracts. The team has only performed one season under his watch, I am unsure how you can say they are spinning their wheels. Also can we trust your opinion? You seemed to think that the team would lose 100 games last year. They were far off of your expectations.

      On another note, Raonic eventually lost his match last night. I might have celebrated his success too early.

      • wigsf Says:

        True, the team did much better than I had expected. But it looks to me like the current GM is trying to do stuff but isn’t doing anything that will actually make a difference. Basically, he took a fourth place team that was expected to finish fifth and the team finished fourth. The moves that have happened under his term do not look like they will move the team out of that fourth position. If the team rises out of fourth, it will be more the result of Tampa Bay falling from the top three than Toronto actually getting better. We know New York is finishing first and Boston is finishing second. But what is Tampa going to do this season?
        For Toronto to get the wild card, they need all the pitchers to play up to their best and all the hitters to actually hit in tune with each other. Like Lind and Hill need to regain their form and Batista needs to continue hitting home runs. Oh, and Drabek needs to become a major league pitcher.

  3. wigsf Says:

    And a Canadian making it to the fourth round of a tennis grand slam is pretty rare. Good for him. Now let’s count the days until he changes his citizenship.

  4. Bob Says:

    As of right now, Boston is probably the team to beat in the division. I find your analysis of the Jays GM to be missing details. He made the team younger and got players like Drabek, Escobar, and Lawrie. He also has made great free agent signings that have led him to acquire young talent including a lot of picks. That is how you rebuild a system.

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