So the Packers and the Steelers are in the superbowl.   I don’t like either team and I now feel I have to decide which team I hate less and root for them.   My Dad is a big Steelers fan… so I am leaning towards rooting for the Packers although being a Vikings fan, that is hard to do.

I have tried planning a superbowl party on superbowl sunday but I got very little response from people.    And now with the matchup that has been set-up, I can see some of the guys being even less enthused about watching it.    I am actually thinking about cancelling my superbowl party.   How much does that suck?  

Are you doing something on superbowl sunday?   Do you find the match-up exciting?


4 Responses to “Superbore”

  1. wigsf Says:

    Have you given any thought that maybe nobody wants to watch the game, at your place?

    And the match up is very exciting. I can’t think of a better matchup for the big game (can’t actually use the name of the game, don’t have rights) Rodgers has been known to be a bit of gunslingin’ quarterback in warm or indoor conditions. And both him and Roethlisberger run and break tackles. The Steelers are always good for some big punishing hits which are pretty fun to watch. And I think the Steelers got back Randel El whom they’ve used for trick plays and such.
    Seriously, there isn’t a better match up out there. The Jets are more fun to watch off the field than on. The Pats, although really good, aren’t that much fun to watch. The Ravens are only fun to watch on if Ray Lewis grabs a fumble and runs it in, or maybe an interception by their safety, I forget his name. The Bears can be kinda fun to watch, but that’s mostly “Will Cutler screw it up or not.”

    Maybe the only team that would be as fun to watch as either of these two teams would be the Eagles. Lots of QB runs and long passes.

    Frankly, anybody who thinks this isn’t a fun game to watch is a fan of a team, not of the game of football itself.

  2. Bob Says:

    I have thought that maybe nobody wants to watch it at my place but I also haven’t heard anyone suggest any other venues. Also I like my place and I am one of the people promoting cancelling it.

  3. DarcsFalcon Says:

    Even if we could watch TV, we wouldn’t watch the SB this year. I hope the Packers win, if only because I’m so sick of Steelers fans crowing.

  4. DarcKnyt Says:

    I’m rooting for the Packers strictly from a ring-count situation. I’m SICK, sick to DEATH, of seeing the Steelers in it. Enough already. Of course, if no one can stop them…

    I don’t have TV, but if I did, I probably wouldn’t watch it. Meh, I say. And yeah, it’s got to be hard for you to pull for the Packers. It was tough for me to pull for the Jets last weekend.

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