Dis and Dat

– Oliver has found a new place to hang out.   On top of the fridge.   It is my Dad’s fault for getting me to empty tons of cereal boxes from on top of the fridge.   Made it look more inviting.   I pretty much fought him to get him down from there.

– Work on wednesday went by quickly, work today is going by SUPER SLOW.   It is horrible.   God… I feel like going out tonight just to relieve some stress.

– Meeting with some financial planner or advisor next week.   Should be interesting.

– Tomorrow is “Guy’s Night Out”.   This was planned by Boston but I am not expecting huge attendance at this point.   Unless Boston and I follow up with Max and Metro, I doubt they are coming.  Also Boston told the guys that they could bring ladies if they want to.   I am not sure if he gets the concept of “Guy’s Night Out”.   I am also confused on what I should do now.   Do I bring Bobette or not?   I am still sticking with “No” but Boston has made this whole thing a “shit show”.  

– Hey did you hear that the Human Torch was killed off in the comics?   The event got a lot of mainstream press but I am guessing he will be back alive and well in 2012.


5 Responses to “Dis and Dat”

  1. wigsf Says:

    Well, if you’re there, then it ain’t a guy’s night out.


    Dr. Doom finally wised up and took a fire extinguisher to flameboy.

  2. DarcKnyt Says:

    Johnny Storm is DEAD?! HOLY COW! First Cap now him. These new guys at Marvel have no respect for anything. I hope they tank. 😦

    Yeah, “Guy’s Night Out” sorta implies it’s all … guys. WTF inviting girls? Maybe he thinks more people will show if they can bring them? What’re you guys, WIMPS? That’s what MY buddies would say. 😉

  3. Bob Says:

    I guess I should have mentioned, Cap came back sometime last year. He is fine and he is now the leader of all heroes.

  4. DarcKnyt Says:

    Yeah, I just read up on that. Man, could they have messed that up any more? Any worse and it would have been as bad as The Clone Saga or The Death of Superman. Yeesh.

    Oh well, what can you say? No one stays dead in the Marvel universe. 🙂

  5. DarcsFalcon Says:

    Cats love the top of the fridge because it’s nice and warm up there.

    When they get too warm then they go lay in the bathroom sink because it’s nice and cool.

    I think “guys night out” should be just guys. If they want a couples thing, fine, then that’s “couples get together.” But “guys night” is only for guys. Pretty simple.

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