Chuck Lorre’s Vanity Cards

Bobette is a big fan of the Big Bang theory, she has been watching the dvds a lot lately in order to see every episode of the show.  I never paid attention to the credits then I noticed that under “Chuck Lorre Productions” was what looked like legal stuff   But I was sure I saw the words “Star Trek” somewhere in there.   I went back and paused it and I did see the words “Star Trek”.   It wasn’t some legal statement it was what amounted to some sort of funny diary entry.   The next episode I watched on DVD, I paused it again at the end and it was another funny one.   This morning I googled and found that all his “Vanity Cards” are online.   Here is the site with them all:


3 Responses to “Chuck Lorre’s Vanity Cards”

  1. DarcsFalcon Says:

    Very clever add-on! And what a perk to find if you are a fan. 🙂

    Are you still planning on the big move-on next month?

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