Jerry Sloan resigns after clash with Williams?!?

I cannot believe what has happened today.   Longtime coach of the Utah Jazz, Jerry Sloan is resigning from his position.   I am not sure if it is true but Yahoo is reporting that he clashed with Deron Williams during half-time last night and the franchise is siding with Deron instead of Jerry.   Here is the link to the Yahoo article:

Jerry is one of the best coaches in the NBA and has been for years.   His team has made the playoffs for 19 of the last 22 years and he was inducted into the HOF in 2009.   This is shocking.   I expect Sloan to take time off for the rest of the season but I wonder if someone will convince him to take a new job this summer.   I know that I would love him on the raptors but the chances of that happening are like 0.7%.


2 Responses to “Jerry Sloan resigns after clash with Williams?!?”

  1. DarcKnyt Says:

    Actually, it’s .651783%, but yeah, let’s round up. Close ’nuff. 😉

    I don’t follow basketball — or any sport, really — but I felt this way about the whole Jeff Fisher debacle down in Tennessee. UGH. Embarrassing.

  2. DarcsFalcon Says:

    Only halfway through the season for a coach with that kind of win record? Wow. That is shocking.

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