Dis and Dat – Monday Update

Not a permanent thing, just need to update on some random things:

– The $75 challenge officially starts today!   It is good that it didn’t officially start last week, I would have lost horribly.   This week I am going to be better with my money.   I hope. 

– Went to Chili’s on saturday (that is one place my $75 went to last week) and had a great lunch of chicken crispers with country gravy.   So good.   Not as good as country fried steak but what is?

– Oliver doesn’t jump up onto the fridge anymore.   The box is really helping up there.   He still jumps pretty much everywhere else.   I had to move furniture around to try and stop him from scratching at the ceiling.  

– Worked out last week but I am still not seeing the results on the scale that I was hoping for.

4 Responses to “Dis and Dat – Monday Update”

  1. DarcKnyt Says:

    I’m starting my workout regimen today! I hope this will help expedite the GUT I carry and get my body back into shape. Here’s hoping!

  2. DarcsFalcon Says:

    What is the $75 challenge?

    Working out takes time, as you know. Stick with it, you’ll see those results!

    • Bob Says:

      Sorry I thought I explained the “$75 challenge”. Both Bobette and I were challenged by our financial advisor to put $75 in our pockets and beyond gas only spend that money over the course of the week. The practice is suppose to stop us from over-using our credit cards and to help slow down our spending habits.

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