New Twist to the Movie Marathon

I had my “TBS Dinner and a Movie” book out on the weekend and I decided that after trying to plan another movie marathon and failing, I would try one more time to plan one.  But this one wouldn’t be an all-nighter but instead it would be “Dinner and a Movie” themed one with dishes from the book matching the movies we are watching.   I sent the first email on the subject earlier this week.

Movies I have picked out so far:

– Fast Times at Ridgemont High

– Raiders of the Lost Ark

– War of the Roses

After sending out the email, WIGSF is making things more complicated.   He wants me to create my own match-ups on top of the ones already listed.   He suggested some ideas, course some of them weren’t Janet friendly.   So now in an effort to make up some of my own ideas, here they are:

– 50 First Dates on Pancakes (Hold the dates)

– Star Trek: Plomeek soup (Sorry no cute name here)

– The Incredible Hulk salad (All green stuff)

That is all I got off the top of my head.   I am trying to think of movies lots of people can enjoy and meals that everyone can eat.


4 Responses to “New Twist to the Movie Marathon”

  1. wigsf Says:

    At first, I thought you had come up with actual foods related to specific films and I asked you to explain said foods because I couldn’t find the relationship between Raiders and hamburgers (because there isn’t a relationship). It was then that you said that you just got ideas from a website. I was disappointed that what I thought was you being creative was just you not being creative in something that is just so damn easy to be creative.

    For example:
    For Fried Green Tomatoes, make fried green tomatoes.
    For The Muppet Movie, make frog legs.
    For Braveheart, make haggis.
    For The Simpsons Movie, make donuts or some sort of pork-based sandwich.
    For My Cousin Vinny, make grits, but only if the laws of physics cease to exist on your stove.
    For The Joy Luck Club, make some Chinese food.
    For Addicted to Love, strawberries and maybe some French food.
    For The Banger Sisters, make bangers and mash.
    For Indiana Jones & the Temple of Doom, make snake surprise, eye ball soup and chilled monkey brains. Or just have some bugs.
    For Alive, Hannibal or Ravenous, well, do you really want me to complete this idea?

    • Bob Says:

      I didn’t take it from a website, I took it from one of my cook books. Also look at a lot of your above suggestions, some sound quite complicated and they do not sound like stuff that anyone of us want to eat. Also once again, I was limited by the movies I owned.

  2. DarcKnyt Says:

    Actually, Chinese can be done pretty easy if you have a movie which relates. The Hulk and green stuff is cool. You could do the same thing with Leprechaun I guess. Let the dishes you choose pick the movies, maybe. It might be easier that way.

  3. DarcsFalcon Says:

    Hey that sounds kind of fun! What an interesting idea. I can’t wait to hear what you finally decide on. I’ve always wanted to try fried green tomatoes.

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